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Interior Doors - Interior Wood Doors

Pre-finishing Available in many stain colors
interior door staining and finishing on sale
Why Buy Ours?
Mahogany Interior Door Corner Sample

Free Pre-hanging on all Interior Doors

Your Source for Fine Interior Wood Doors at Factory Direct Prices.

Poplar Interior Doors
$373 Pre-hung

Poplar Interior Doors 4 Panel Poplar Interior Doors

2 Panel Shaker Interior Doors
4 Panel Shaker Interior Doors

in 6' 8" and 8' 0" all 1 3/4" thick

Mahogany Shaker Doors
$468 Pre-hung

5 panel Interior Shaker Doors - Mission Style Doors 1 Panel Mahogany Shaker Doors

Shaker Glass Doors $593 Pre-hung

Mission Style Interior Doors
Shaker Style Doors in 6-8 and 8-0

White Oak Interior Doors
$689 Pre-hung

2 Panel Interior Mahogany Doors

1-6 Panel Shaker Interior Doors

in 6' 8" and 8' 0"

Solid Core Primed Interior Doors
$317 Pre-hung

Primed Interior Doors
 Primed interior doors 8-0

3 Panel Primed Shaker Interior Doors
2 Panel Primed Shaker Interior Doors

in 6' 8" and 8' 0" all 1 3/4" thick

2 Panel Mahogany
$468 Pre-hung

2 Panel Interior Mahogany Doors

Two Panel Interior Doors

in 6' 8", 7' 0" and 8' 0"

Rustic Interior Doors
$524 Pre-hung

Rustic Interior Doors, Rustic Knotty Alder Wood Interior Doors Knotty Alder Interior Doors Raised Panels ISW 802

Rustic Knotty Alder Doors

Rustic Interior doors with Plank Style V-Groove Panels

Knotty Alder Shaker Doors
$524 Pre-hung

interior shaker doors in Knotty Alder

Rustic Shaker Doors

Interior Shaker doors with 5 panel design

Knotty Alder Interior Doors
$524 Pre-hung

Rustic Interior Doors, Rustic Knotty Alder Wood Interior Doors

Knotty Alder Doors

2 Panel doors with Square Panels
Model# ISW-812

4 Panel Mahogany
$468 Pre-hung

4 Panel Mahogany Interior Doors

Four Panel Interior Doors

Mahogany Arched 4 Panel Doors
interior door sale

Oak Interior Shaker Doors
$417 Pre-hung

mission style interior doors

Oak 2 Panel Shaker Doors

Mission Style Flat Panels

Victorian Oak Doors
$358 Pre-hung

Victorian Oak Interior Doors

1 Panel Oak Doors

One Panel Oak Doors
6' 8" height only
interior door sale

Oak Doors
$391 Pre-hung

Oak Doors, Interior Oak Doors six Panel

Six Panel Oak Doors

Interior Red Oak Doors
6' 8" height only
interior door sale

6 Panel Mahogany
$417 Pre-hung

Six Panel Mahogany Interior Doors

Six Panel Interior Doors

Mahogany Interior Doors
interior door sale

Maple Interior Doors
$373 Pre-hung

Maple Doors Interior Maple Doors - 6 Panel Maple Doors

Maple Interior Doors

6' 8" height only
interior door sale

Bi-fold doors
from $352 Complete

Bifold Doors - Mahogany, Knotty Alder and Oak
Knotty Alder, Mahogany, Oak

6' 7" height only
installation hardware included

Knotty Alder French Doors

Knotty Alder French Doors

Rustic French Interior Doors

6' 8" and 8' 0" doors
Glass Options

Victorian Interior French Doors
$329 Pre-hung

Fancy French Doors - Mahogany French Interior Doors

10-lite Mahogany French Doors

Victorian Style French Doors
with fluted trim and rosettes
interior door sale

Oak Interior French Doors
from $483 Pre-hung

Interior Oak French Doors, 15 lite Oak French Doors

Oak French Doors

10-Lite and 15-Lite Door Models
Clear Tempered Glass 6' 8" height only
interior door sale

6' 8" Mahogany French Doors
$483 Pre-hung

Interior French Doors, 15 lite Mahogany French Doors

Mahogany French Doors

TDL 15-Lite Clear Tempered Glass
6' 8" height only

8' 0" Interior French Doors
$604 Pre-hung

TDL Interior Doors with Glass 10-Lites in 8'0"

Mahogany Interior French Doors

TDL 10-Lite Clear Tempered Glass
8' 0" height only
Etched Glass Interior Doors
Model 801 in Knotty Alder and Mahogany

Arched Interior Glass Doors

Door Sizes: 2' 6" x 6' 8" and 3' 0" x 6' 8" from $578 Pre-hung
Door Sizes: 2' 6" x 8' 0" and 3' 0" x 8' 0" from $703 Pre-hung

Laundry, Pantry, Frosted, Clear Glass,
Wine, Grapes, Office and Frosted Moon
Always Prehung for Free

1-Lite Poplar Doors
from $483 Pre-hung

Poplar 1 Lite Interior doors

Poplar 1 Lite Shaker Interior Doors

6' 8" and 8' 0" doors
with Clear Glass

ML40 Victorian Mahogany Doors
$417 Pre-hung

One Panel Interior Mahogany Doors with fluted trim and rosettes

One Panel Interior Doors

with Fluted Trim and Rosettes
interior door sale

Installing Jamb Extension on Interior Doors

How to tell the swing of Interior Doors
We Carry Quick Door Hangers

You can Professionally Install A Door in 5 Minutes!

6'8" doors $6
8'0" doors $8

The Quick Door Hanger

Pre-Finishing on interior doors

(6' 8" add $159 each, 7' 0" add $169, 8' 0" add $179 each)
Commercial Grade UV enhanced wood door stains and UV enhanced sealers Used Exclusively

Don't forget the Fire-Rated Wood Doors, We Have them in stock too

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Finishing and Staining
for your Wood Doors

wood door finishing
Handlesets, Levers
Locks and Deadbolts

door handles
Interior Casing
Baseboard, Crown and more

interior casing
Is your door
Right or Left Handed?

Operable Sidelights
Venting Sidelites

Operable Sidelites
3 Point Locks - Multi-point Door Locking System
multipoint locks
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Pre-Hung Wood Interior Doors

Solid Wood Interior Doors for Sale

Pre-hung wood interior doors serve many purposes. Sometimes they're needed for privacy, sometimes for separating spaces. We make a variety of styles in a variety of woods and glass - whatever fits the composition of your home.

What Kind of Door?

Your interior doors make a statement in your home. They add a touch of "you" to every room, every closet and every entry way. We have such a huge selection of one, two, four and six panel doors, French doors, shaker doors and glass doors. Our material choices range from mahogany, oak and maple to alder, knotty alder and glass. When considering what kind of interior door to install, think about the purpose of the door. Do you want it to block noise? Do you want it for privacy? Do you want it to be a decorative passage into another part of the house? All of these answers will help you determine what type of material to use and what style would best enhance the look of your home. For example, a heavier wood like mahogany would block noise, while an etched glass door would be a beautiful gateway to another room.

Why Choose Our Solid Wood Interior Doors for Sale?

One of our sales representatives will be happy to tell you about all of the doors you're interested in and explain our warranties. Our mahogany and oak wood interior doors, pre-hung solid engineered wood core stile and rail doors have a lifetime guarantee. We know you've got a lot of decisions to make, so we'll offer you our professional advice without any pressure. We've been in business for over 30 years and have an outstanding reputation with individuals, contractors, builders, developers and resellers.

Call one of our friendly sales associates today for a pre-hung wood interior door quote or for more information on everything we offer.