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Exterior Door With Sidelights -Multipoint Sidelight Options

Exterior Doors With Sidelight Options

Active Sidelights Venting Sidelights Operable Sidelights
with a Patented Sidelight Multipoint Locking Mechanism

Active Sidelights: Work mysteriously like double doors. Only $275
Venting Sidelights: Virtually un-detectable from the outside and incorporate a stainless steel multi-point locking mechanism with a rosette thumb-turn operation on the inside. A quality feature that cost $1000's elsewhere if even available at all.
Prices: Full-view $500 each, Half-view $650
Includes: Multipoint Sidelight Gear, Rosette, Lock Plates, Hinges, Weather-stripping, Door Sweep and complete turn-key installation. Rosette finishes: Satin Nickel or Dark Bronze.
Sidelight Size Minimum: 14" width.
Optional: Screens, Included.
Active Sidelite (opens like a Double Door) add $275
Option "A"

Gain 12" or more of Door Opening Width
Complete with Locking Astragal, Flushbolts and Hinges

need a wider door?
Venting Sidelights Only $500
Half View with shelf(N-75 sl) Only $650 each
Option "B"

Let the fresh air in (14" minimum sidelite width) Full View or Half View Operable*
Complete with 3 point lock and Hinges - Screens also available

Operable Sidelights with Screens
One Active and One Venting Sidelight Combo
Arcadia with Venting Sidelight  Modern Door with Active Sidelite
2/3 Venting Operable Sidelights
Our safest design for children and pets
Operable Sidelight that opens  operable sidelights doors  operable sidelights open  operable sidelight half open  operable sidelights locked 
100% Venting Operable Sidelite
Operable Sidelites are available on many exterior doors we carry and allow for maximum ventilation.
Sidelights that Open Operable Sidelites with Screens Rustic Door with Operable Sidelite Rustic Door with Venting Sidelite
Make One Sidelight Active, works like a Double Door add $275
Use of the Sidelight to open as a double door with Astragal and Flushbolts.
Double Door Sidelight sidelight double door opens Sidelight as double door sidelight used in double door setup

Optional Sidelight Screens for Venting Sidelite

Sidelight Pet Screens  Sidelight Screens Outside  Venting sidelite Screen  sidelite screen for venting sidelite
Increase the airflow in your home with exterior doors with sidelights. Active Sidelights is also called an Operable Sidelite which opens up like a double door with flush bolts or an Astragal Mortise Lock to enable a larger entry into the home for moving large objects like furniture, and our Venting Sidelights come complete with a 3 point lock system and optional removable screens to allows you to let fresh air into the homes like a screen door. Exterior doors with sidelights are an attractive way to increase your homeb