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entry doors to fit most openings


Exterior Double Doors - Solid Mahogany Double Doors 8' 0"

Starting at $3240 Pre-Hung** (from $400 freight shipping)*

Florida Product Approvals for use Outside HVHZ
Finishing - 3-Point Lock - Astragal Mortise Lock
Door Finishing and Staining  3 point locks  astragal mortise lock
2 Panel Exterior Double Doors with Iron Classic glass
add $600
N-2 Panel Iron Classic Glass
2 Panel Mahogany Double Doors with Chateau Glass
add $600
N-2 Panel Chateau Glass
2 Panel Solid Mahogany Exterior Double Doors
add $200
N-2 Panel Solid Mahogany
shaker panel exterior double doors AC508
add $400
AC-508 Shaker Panel
Craftsman Double Doors in 8' 0
AC 608
add $600

with Art Glass
Craftsman Double Doors in 8' 0" with Rain Glass
add $400

with Rain Glass
Craftsman Double Doors Exterior with Clear glass
add $400

with Clear Glass
Craftsman Double Doors with Reeded Glass
add $400

with Reeded Glass
AC-508 with Art Glass
add $1000

with Art Glass
AC-508 with Rain Glass
add $400

with Rain Glass
AC-508 with Clear Beveled Glass
add $400

with Clear Glass
modern double doors with reeded glass
add $400

with Reeded Glass

add $200
N-525 Majestic Patina Caming
widths: 5' 0, 5' 4, 6' 0, 7' 0

add $200
N-525 Sierra Zinc Caming
widths: 5' 0, 5' 4, 6' 0, 7' 0
N525 Chateau Double Door
add $400
N-525 Chateau Glass
widths: 5' 0, 5' 4, 6' 0, 7' 0

add $400
N-525 Iron Classic
widths: 5' 0, 5' 4, 6' 0, 7' 0

N-250 Builder Patina Caming
7' 0" x 8' 0" available

N-250 Flemish Glass Entry Doors
7' 0" x 8' 0" available

N-250 Builder Zinc Caming
7' 0" x 8' 0" available

N-250 Iron Classic
6' 0" x 8' 0" add $600
7' 0" x 8' 0" add $1000
exterior mahogany double doors with Majestic Beveled Glass
N-250 Majestic Glass
Patina Caming
7' 0" x 8' 0" available

N-250 Clear Beveled Glass
commercial and historical uses
7' 0" x 8' 0" available

N-250 Sierra Glass
Zinc Caming
7' 0" x 8' 0" available

N-250 Chateau Glass
6' 0" x 8' 0" add $600
7' 0" x 8' 0" add $1000

N-10Lite Clear Beveled Glass
10 lite exterior double doors with Obscure Rain Glass
N-10Lite with Rain Glass

N-10Lite Flemish Glass

N-10 Panel Mahogany

N-600 Sierra Zinc Caming
Double Entry Doors with Oval Glass
N-600 Builder Zinc Caming
exterior double doors wiht Majestic Glass
N-600 Majestic Patina Caming

N-6 Panel Mahogany

add $600
N-101 Iron Classic Glass

N-101 Majestic Patina Caming

N-101Builder Zinc Caming

N-101 Sierra Zinc Caming

add $600
N-101 Chateau Double Entry Doors

N-101 Builder Patina Caming

N-101 Clear Beveled Glass

N-101 Flemish Glass
Carved Door with Hand Carved Panels - The Baltic
The Baltic Carved
Only $3799 Prehung

8 Hand Carved Panels
exterior double doors in 8'0 the Carved RT3 Square
The SQ3 Carved
Only $3695 Prehung

Carved Panel Details
Carved Exterior Mahogany Double Door the Innsbruck
The Innsbruck
Only $2979 Prehung

Carved Rope details

add $200
N-525 Mahogany Panels
widths: 5' 0, 5' 4, 6' 0, 7' 0
arcadia with frosted glass
Arcadia with Frosted Glass
add $955
arcadia with rain glass
Arcadia with Rain Glass
add $955
Arcadia with Baroque Glass
Arcadia with Baroque Glass
add $955
Arcadia with Clear Glass
Arcadia with Clear Glass
add $955
Arcadia with solid wood panels
Arcadia with Mahogany Panels
add $955
Arcadia with Reeded Glass
Arcadia with Reeded Glass
add $955
Arcadia with any glass and 1 wood panel
Arcadia with any Glass and Panel
frosted, clear, baroque, rain, seedy or reeded
add $955
Arcadia with wood panels and glass
Arcadia with Panels and any Glass
frosted, clear, baroque, rain, seedy or reeded
add $955

N-525 Iron Classic, from $3640

widths: 5' 0, 5' 4, 6' 0, 7' 0

Customer Award Winning Wrought Iron Design with clear beveled glass and baroque glass.

The Original Tiffany - Now Only $3595*

widths: 6' 0"

Modern Door Design, Large Panels, Distinctly Beautiful Hand Beveled Glass and multi-faceted diamond cut jewels. Patina Caming or Zinc Caming available.

N-10 Lite Clear Beveled Glass Only $3240

widths: 6' 0" x 8' 0"

Your Choice of:
Clear beveled glass (shown)
Rain Glass
Flemish Glass


The Olympus Collection, Only $4195*

widths: 6' 0"

Our Most exciting new exterior door concept. 12 visually stunning glass designs or solid Mahogany panels. Clear beveled glass with Patina color caming.


Options and Accessories

door hinge options
Thresholds Options
Adjustable, ADA, Wood
exterior door thresholds
Door Sweeps
Mechanical or Staple On
door sweeps
Flushbolts or
Astragal Mortise Lock

flushbolt vs astragal lock

Prices Start at $3240 Pre-hung** plus freight shipping, Local Pickups welcome. Great rates outside US and to Canada!
To Order Call 1-219-663-2279

All Double Doors in Sizes: 6' 0" x  8 0"    
Optional Door Sizes:
N-525  5' 0", 5' 4", (7' 0" add $400)
N-250  (7' 0" add $400 + optional glass upgrade)
Wood Species: Solid Brazilian Mahogany Wood Double Doors (no veneers)
Door Thickness: 1 3/4"
Jamb size: 4 9/16" (optional 6 9/16" add $200)
UNIT SIZES: (6' 0" x 8' 0") = 74 5/8" x 98"
Lock Prep included. Left or Right Handing. Single or Double Bore. 2 1/8" diameter hole(s) w/ 2 3/4" backset  5 1/2" spread.
3 Point Locks, Multipoint Locking Hardware Systems available
System is Pre-hung with Solid Mahogany Jambs, 2" Brick-molding, Adjustable Bronze Threshold,
Your Choice of Commercial Grade Ball-Bearing Hinges Hinge Finishes, Q-Lon compression Weather-stripping and Rubber Door Sweep.
Priced un-finished. Optional: Exterior Grade UV Stains and UV Factory Finishing available. To Stain Colors
** Pre-Hung ** Our Pre-Hung Double Door Systems are "NOT" Kits!  Shipped truly and completely pre-hung with hinges mortised to exterior doors and pre-installed in the Jamb for the easiest door installation possible. This will save you Time and Money. No extra modifications needed for the carpenter. Ready to install into the doorways rough opening.

Mahogany Exterior Door Prehung Details

Included with Prehung Mahogany Entry Doors
Solid Mahogany Threshold
Thresholds Available:
Aluminum Adjustable, ADA, and Now Solid Mahogany

Available Stainless Steel Multi Point Lock Set - Advanced 3 Point Locking System Mechanism will Lock or Un-lock with just one motion. 

525 iron classic


Sierra Zinc

Builder Patina

Builder Zinc

Iron Classic




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We Make Custom Entry Doors and Glass Very Reasonable Pricing too! Call us for a quote 1-219-663-2279

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interior casing
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