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Are Mahogany Doors The Right Fit For Your Needs?

Mahogany doors can be summed up in two words: durable and beautiful. They make for the perfect entry doors, interior doors and exterior doors as it consists of a close grain, rich color and sturdy structure. and to top it off, it easily holds up against glue, nails, hardware and stains.

What makes Mahogany doors so appealing to many homeowners is how aesthetically appealing it is to the eye. A door is the welcoming point to a home or room which is precisely why you want it to pleasantly gratify those who enter. It makes for gorgeous wood doors that are sure to satisfy your home's needs.

Mahogany is typically red-brown, but it comes out as pink, salmon or a golden hue when first cut. It will deepen in color over time and easily patinas with a finish and polish. what you will find is two main types of Mahogany; Swietenia Macrophylla or Swietenia Mahogani. Macrophylla is more common and less expensive as it is reddish brown and moderately light. Mahogani is pricier and denser and close grained.

Of course, these types of doors are much more than pretty pieces of wood. They are seasoned to hold up for years while efficiently hold its frame and durability. They make for terrific entry doors or any other doorways that will see a lot of usage over time. For this reason, it has become the choice of wood for many.

As interior doors, exterior doors , or even overhead wood garage doors, mahogany will certainly pass the test of time. It has always been a repellant to termites and other wood-loving pests and consistently maintains its stature while deflecting moisture and weather.

It has a reputation for keeping a flat and straight integrity without warping from weather whatsoever. It is quality wood that has been produced for indoors and outdoors. It can hold hardware solidly and does not splinter whatsoever. Overall, it possesses all of the sturdy qualities a homeowner could ask for.

There are countless options to choose from today when looking for the perfect fit for your door. It is much more than an opening into and out of your home; it is the entrance into the entire home or a specific room. For the reason, it is imperative you feel comfortable and at ease with everything the door has to offer. With mahogany doors, you will get the best of both worlds; sturdy quality with gorgeous beauty.

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