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Exterior Wood Doors with Sidelights - Wholesale Doors Discount Doors

Clearance Doors can consist of overstock, production overruns, cancelled orders, modified, refurbished, new old stock or Brand New items. We try our best to accurately depict the condition of each door system and use high resolution pictures to show detail. All clearance doors are sold as-is. Please do not hesitate to call and ask our knowledgeable seasoned sales staff questions about a particular item of interest.
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Exterior Wood Doors with 2 sidelights in 6' 8"

(8' 0" doors scroll down)





Rustic Exterior Doors Prefinished in Walnut
PFC-83 Knotty Alder Doors
Pre-finished Black Walnut Stain Color
from $2999 with 9 glass options
PFC Door Line in Knotty Alder
PFC-83 Knotty Alder Doors
Pre-finished in Teak Stain Color
from $2499 with 9 glass options
2 CL-259 Modern Shaker Door with Seedy Glass
Modern Shaker Door with Transom
CL-259 Solid Mahogany with Seedy Glass
Only $3995 Pre-Finished
Mahogany Exterior Doors with Sidelights pre-finished
Mahogany 2 Panel Pre-finished Doors
PFC-Cherry Stained
from $2499 with 9 glass options
Mahogany Doors prefinished on clearance
Mahogany 2 Panel Pre-finished Doors
PFC-Chestnut Stained
from $2499 with 9 glass options
3 CL-329 door with Clear Beveled Glass
Solid Mahogany Doors
CL-329 Clear Beveled Glass
Only $2499 English Chestnut Finish
PFC-200 Chateau Glass
Mahogany Pre-finished Doors
PFC-200 Chateau Glass
from $1995 Walnut Stain
PFC-200 Majestic Glass
Mahogany Pre-finished Doors
PFC-200 Majestic Glass
from $1995 Walnut Stain
4 pfc-200 Cherry builder zinc
Mahogany Pre-finished Doors
PFC-200 Builder Glass
from $1995 Burnt Cherry Finish
PFC-200 Sierra Glass
Mahogany Pre-finished Doors
PFC-200 Sierra Glass
from $1995 Burnt Cherry Finish
PFC-200 Iron Classic glass
Mahogany Pre-finished Doors
PFC-200 Iron CLassic Glass
from $1995 Burnt Cherry Finish
6 Clearance Exterior 10 Panel door with Olympus glass sidelites
10 Panel Mahogany Wood Doors
CL-102 LH 4 9/16" Jamb
Only $2795
Custom Mahogany Shaker Door and Sidelite
Custom Shaker Door
CL-75 3' 6" x 6' 8" (42" wide Door!)
Only $2995 Custom Glass
CL-74 solid Mahogany Door with Sidelights
Solid Mahogany Wood Doors
CL-74 6-Panel with Sidelights
Only $2295
7 Mahogany Entry Door with 3 Point Lock
42" Mahogany Doors - 3 Point Lock
CL-125 with Wrought Iron Design
Only $3995 Pre-finished
mahogany door with elliptical transom
Solid Mahogany with Transom
Only $4299 Pre-Finished
CL-4255 English Style Exterior Door System
English Style Chateau Glass Doors
Only $2399 Pre-Finished
8 CL-F35-AC501
Modern Shaker Glass Doors
Only $3395 Pre-Finished
Full-Lite Glass Doors
Only $2895 Pre-Finished
Half-lite Solid Mahogany Doors
CL-N200-F35 - Your Choice of Glass
Only $2895 Pre-finished
9 CL-6
Solid Mahogany 2 Panel Door
CL-6 with 4 9/16" Jambs
Only $2295 14" Sidelights
CL-7 with operable sidelite
Solid Mahogany Door Operable Sidelight
CL-7 with 4 9/16" Jambs
Only $2595 16" Sidelights
Solid Mahogany Craftsman Door
CL-8 with 3 Point Locking System
Only $4595 Pre-finished
B-600 Sierra un-finished
Solid Mahogany Doors
Only $1499 RH (2 LH)

B-600 Builder un-finished
Solid Mahogany Wood Door
Now Only $1399 LH and RH

CL-B525 LH with Sierra Glass
Solid Brazilian Mahogany un-finished
Only $1679
11 exterior full-lite doors with iron details
Full-lite Mahogany Entry Door
CL-27 Iron Classic Glass
Only $2795 LH
craftsman door with active sidelite

CL-77.5 Craftsman with Active Sidelite

3' 0" x 6' 2" with 13" sidelights
CL-a352 6 panel exterior wood door with eliptical transom
Solid Mahogany Wood Door 6 Panel
CL-A352 with Elliptical Transom
Only $3699 Pre-finished
12 CL-2914 10 Panel Door and Sidelights
Solid Mahogany Door with Iron Glass
CL-2914 with 6 9/16" Jambs
Only $2595 12" Sidelights
CL-4365 Shaker Style Craftsman Door with Transom
Shaker Door with Transom
CL-4365 LH 6 9/16" Jambs
Only $3698
Brand New Modern Rustic Door System
Brand New and Install Ready
CL-33524 LH
Only $2995 pre-finished
13 CL-667
Solid Mahogany Wood Doors
CL-667 6 9/16" Jamb
Only $2595 14" Sidelights
Full-lite Mahogany Doors
Only $2249
CL-404 Solid MAhogany Exterior Door with Sidelights
New Pre-Finished Mahogany Door
CL-404 Olympus with 16" Sidelights
Only $3995
14 CL-327 Olympus Door with Tiffany Sidelites
Olympus with Tiffany Sidelites
CL-327 Solid Mahogany
Only $2950 Pre-hung
CL-328 Modern Arched Paneled Doors
Modern Door and Sidelights
CL-328 Solid Mahogany
Only $2950 Pre-hung
CL-4316 Clearance Oval Glass Exterior Door System
Oval Glass Door and Sidelights
CL-4316 Solid Mahogany Door
Only $2399 Pre-Finished
15 CL-99 door with shades between the glass
Solid Mahogany Full-lite Door
CL-99 with Shades Between Glass
Only $2195
southwest style exterior door with sidelights
Knotty Alder with Rain Glass
CL-626-C LH 6 9/16" Jambs
Only $3299 Pre-Finished in Pecan
CL-1451 Knotty Alder Clearance Door
Knotty Alder Smooth Panels
CL-1451 with 4 9/16" Jambs
Only $2795 Pre-finished
16 CL-9
Solid Mahogany Craftsman Door
CL-9 3' 0" x 7' 0"
Only $3595 Pre-finished
Venting Sidelights Mahogany Door
Only $3595
20 CL-100 Knotty Alder Door with Sidelights
Rustic Wood Exterior Doors
with Flemish Glass Sidelights
Only $2495 (mb)
Rustic Wood Exterior Doors
SW-83 with SW-51 Sidelites
Only $2495 (mb)
CL-5225 8-Lite Exterior Door
Solid Mahogany Wood Doors
8-Lite with 12" Sidelights
$2450 (mb)
21 Clearance mahogany door with slidelites
Solid Mahogany Door Oval Glass
B-600 RH
Only $2366 Pre-Finished (mb)

Alder Wood Doors with Sidelights
CL-SW79a 3' 0" x 6' 8", 18" sidelights
Only $3295 Pre-Finished (mb)
Craftsman Exterior Door with Oversized Dentil Shelf
Craftsman Door with Transom
Oversized Dentil Shelf
Only $3259 (mb)
Solid Mahogany Door
B-600 Builder Glass LH or RH
Only $2266 Pre-finished (mb)
wide entry door CL-66
42" Wide Entry Door
Only $2995 (mb)
Rough Opening = 77 1/4" x 82 1/2"
2 panel mahogany front doors with 1 sidelite
2 Panel Mahogany Door
with 1 Sidelite
Only $2624 Pre-Finished (mb)
23 3 Point Locking System Compatible

Exterior Carved Elk Door
Mahogany Wood Door
Only $3249 Pre-finished (mb)
3 Point Locking System Compatible

Solid Mahogany Wood Door
CL-Cellini Wrought Iron Classic
Only $4699 pre-finished (mb)
3 Point Locking System Compatible

Exterior Hand Carved Doors
CL- Baltic Iron Classic
Only $3949 Pre-finished (mb)
Wrought Iron Glass Exterior Door
Iron Classic Glass with Elliptical
from $4439 (mb)

French Door with Sidelights and Transom
Solid Mahogany Door with Beveled Glass
Only $2995 (mb)

Wrought Iron Designer Door Series
Solid Mahogany Wood Door
from $4519 (mb)
Craftsman Exterior Doors
AC601 with Art Glass
Only $2865 (mb)
Craftsman Wood Doors
AC-901 with Clear Glass
$2565 (mb)
Rustic Nails, Planks, V-Grooves
SW-62 Exterior Door with Sidelights
Only $3146 Pre-Finished (mb)
Craftsman Doors Architect Series
AC-601 LH or RH
Only $3699 Pre-Finished (mb)

Solid Mahogany Exterior Door
AC-901 LH or RH
Only $3699 Pre-Finished (mb)

Mission Style Doors - Art Glass
CL-Grey Craftsman LH or RH
Only $4599 Pre-Finished (mb)
27 Ten Panel Entry Door with 2 Sidelights
4-lite Clear Beveled Glass
Only $3349 Pre-Finished (mb)

Rustic Knotty Alder Doors
Tuscan Finish
Only $3499 (mb) LH or RH

Rustic Knotty Alder Door
SW-01 RH or LH
$3349 Pre-Finished (mb)
Solid Mahogany Doors
Builder Glass Patina Came 3' 0" x 6' 8"
Only $2469 (mb) LH or RH

Solid Mahogany full-lite doors
N-250 Sierra Glass with Zinc Came
Only $2479 (mb) LH or RH

Solid Mahogany Doors
10 Panel Door RH or LH
Only $3349 (mb) Pre-Finished
Solid Mahogany Door with Half Round
CL-N250MZ Majestic Zinc Glass
from $3569 (mb)

Wrought Iron Door - Solid Mahogany
N-250 with Half Round Transom
from $4699 (mb) LH or RH
Rustic Exterior Doors Wide
Rustic Exterior Doors Wide
SW-83 (3' 6" x 6' 8")
Only $3495 Pre-Finished (mb)
Solid Mahogany Craftsman Door
3' 0" x 6' 8" or 3' 0" x 6' 8"
Only $4195 Prefinished (mb)
10 Panel Solid Mahogany Door
Venting Sidelite Option
Pre-Finished from $2799 (mb)

N-200 Builder Series
Solid Mahogany Front Door
Only $2449 (mb)
Olympus Door with Iron Classic Sidelights
3' 0" x 6' 8" with 12" Sidelights
Only $3295 (mb)

Hand Carved Genuine Mahogany Door
CL-Baltic 001
Only $2995 (mb)
Oak interior dutch door RH
Oak Interior Dutch Doors
Creates the easy access you want
and safety for children and pets

Exterior Doors with Sidelights 8-0

(Note: Not all doors are readily accessible for showroom viewing, Please phone first to schedule an viewing.)
Double Doors   Single Doors   Clearance Interior Doors   Phone 219-663-2279
38 PFC-252 8'0" entry door with sidelights pre-finished in Burnt Cherry Finish
Mahogany Pre-finished Doors in 8' 0"
PFC-252 Burnt Cherry Finish
Only $2995
Model PFC-252 Walnut Stained Exterior wood door with sidelites
8' 0" Mahogany Pre-finished Doors
PFC-252 Walnut Finish
Only $2995
CL-4301 New Arched Top Door with 3 point lock
3 Point Locking Arched Top Doors
CL-4301 LH
Only $4698
39 CL-1 mahogany clearance door
Mahogany Pre-finished Doors in 8' 0"
CL-1 with Special Walnut Finish
Only $3195
CL-4162 2-panel mahogany exterior doors
2 Panel Mahogany Doors in 8' 0"
CL-4162 Walnut Finish
Only $3995
viking doors cl-118
Rustic Viking Doors
CL-118 The Vienna
Only $4995 Pre-Finished
40 CL-16
Exterior Door with 12" Sidelights
CL-A300 Full Lite Majestic Zinc Glass
Only $3599 Pre-finished RH
Craftsman entry doors in 8' cl-2121D
Craftsman Entry Doors in 8'
CL-2121D 6 9/16" Jambs
Look Only $4579 Pre-finished
CL-138 Mahogany Door with Chateaux glass
Solid Mahogany with Chateau Glass
CL-138 unit size:64 3/4" x 95 1/2"
Only $3495 Pre-hung
41 Clearance Exterior Door with Arched Top
Alder Door with Chestnut Finish
Only $4995
Rustic Arched Door with faux Grey Finish
Weathered Grey Glaze Finish
POMPANO in Knotty Alder
Only $5995
Clearance Pompano
Rustic Arched Alder Door
CL-89 BMF Pompano
Only $5875 Pre-finished
42 CL-2749 Teak Entry Door with Speakeasy
Teak Exterior Rustic Door
CL-2749 RH Teak w/ Speakeasy
$3949 Pre-finished
Mahogany Exterior Door 10-lite
CL-11 RH 6 9/16"
Only $3299
Rustic Teak Entry Door CL-2749A
Rustic Teak Door
CL-2749a LH
Only $3995 Pre-finished
43 CL-258 Showroom Demo Doors
Knotty Alder Demo Door
CL-258 Reeded Glass and Iron Grills
$2995 Pre-finished

Entry Doors with Sidelights
B-250 Majestic Glass 8-0
Only $2295 LH or RH

Wrought Iron Design Doors
B-250 Iron Classic 8-0
Only $2695 LH or RH
Exterior Doors with Sidelights
B-525 Majestic Glass 8-0
Only $1995 LH or RH

Exterior Entry Doors with Sidelights
B-600 Majestic Patina Glass 8-0
Only $1995 LH or RH
8 foot exterior entry doors CL-101
Exterior Mahogany Door
CL-101 with Sierra Patina Glass
Only $2995 LH

B250 Mystic Chocolate Cherry
Pre-Finished Brazilian Mahogany
Only $3119(mb) LH and RH

B250 Majestic Lite
Pre-Finished Antique Cherry
Only $2795 LH and RH

B250 Iron Classic Lite
Pre-Finished Antique Cherry
Only $2995 LH and RH
Solid Mahogany - Beveled Glass
F-250 Left Hand or Right Hand
$4349 un-finished

Solid Brazilian Mahogany
CL-A171 LH
Only $1795 (Brass Caming)

African Mahogany Carved Panel Door
CL-A367 Clear Glass Pre-Finished RH
Now Only $3995*

Rustic Knotty Alder Doors
New Exterior Rustic Doors
Only $5395 Pre-finished

Rustic Alder Door
F-10 Vienna
Only $4995 Pre-finished (Natural)

CL-142 Door with long arched glass
Solid Mahogany and 12" Sidelites
CL-142 with Majestic Glass
Only $2295 Pre-hung
Custom Mahogany Door
CL-33455 3' 6" x 8' 0" x 2 1/4" thick
at $3699 with Glass Options

CL-127 Nice Solid Mahogany Door
Solid Mahogany Door and 14" Sidelites
Only $3295 Pre-Finished

Solid Mahogany Doors
CL-A511 Right Hand Swing
Only $1899

CL-B250 Open Builder Patina
Solid Mahogany Door 12" Sidelights
Only $2495 prehung

Clearance Chateau Glass Door
CL-B250 Open Solid Mahogany Door
Rough Opening = 65 1/2" x 98 1/2"
Only $2895 Prehung

African Sapele Mahogany
Only $4995
50 CL-56
Mahogany Door System with Sidelights
CL-56 LH
Only $3449 Finished
Mahogany Door and Sidelights
CL-57 LH
Only $3249 Finished
Mahogany Front Door and Sidelights
CL-62 RH
Only $3349 Finished
51 CL-59
Mahogany Door System with Sidelights
CL-59 LH
Only $3349 Finished
Mahogany Clearance Door CL-140
Solid Mahogany Door and Sidelights
CL-1040 RH
Only $1795
Mahogany Exterior Door and Sidelights
CL-61 LH
Only $3349 Finished
Solid Brazilian Mahogany Door
CL-B600 RH Sierra Zinc Glass
Only $2695 Pre-Finished

Solid Brazilian Mahogany Door
CL-23 RH Majestic Patina Caming
Only $2695 Pre-Finishing

Mahogany Wood Door with Sidelights
CL-525 with Custom Glass
Only $2999 pre-finished
53 CL-148a
Full-Lite Knotty Alder
CL-148a Clear Insulated Glass
Only $2695 Pre-hung
Knotty Alder 2 Panel Square
CL-147c Wrought Iron Grills
Only $2695 Pre-hung
Square Panel Knotty Alder
CL-147d Victorian Wroought Iron
Only $2695 Pre-hung
54 CL-16
Solid Mahogany 10 Panel Doors
CL-16 with Tiffany Style Sidelights
Only $4595 Pre-finished
Knotty Alder 10-Lite Doors
CL-17 with Clear Insulated Glass
Only $3795 Pre-finished
Rustic Alder Exterior Door
CL-A421 Pre-Finished Dark Walnut
Only $3799 (mb) LH or RH

3 Point Locking System Compatible

Designer Series Pre-Finished
Bellagio - Panel Iron Classic
Only $4990* mb

Rustic Knotty Alder
SW83 3' 0" x 8' 0"
Only $3799 Pre-finished mb
61 Teak entry door with sidelites
Teak Rustic Exterior Door
SW-62 Teak 8' 0"
Only $3049 un-finished (mb)

Arched Exterior Mahogany Doors
with Iron Classic Glass Sidelights
Only $3995 (mb) plus freight shipping*

Arch Top Mahogany Door
The Bellagio 3' 0" x 8' 0"
Only $5390 (mb) Pre-Finished
62 CL-4301 New Arched Top Door with 3 point lock
Solid Mahogany Arched Top Doors
Bellagio Chateau
Only $3995 (mb)
rustic teak entry door with sidelites and speakeasy
Teak Exterior Rustic Door
SW-83 Teak Speakeasy 8' 0"
$3259 Prehung (mb)
Arched Top Exterior Door with Sidelites 10Lite Glass
Arch Top Mahogany French Door
Sunrise 3' 0" x 8' 0"
Only $4990 Pre-Finished (mb)
63 prairie doors
Craftsman Prairie Style Doors
PFC-Prairie in Walnut Finish
Only $3895

Arched Mahogany Staircase
Only $7495

arched staircase clearance
Open Tread Design
everything included

Custom Mahogany Entry Door
CL-J59 2 1/4" thick
Only $5495 pre-finished







Custom Order Ideas in Knotty Alder
Arch Top Doors
J51B 3' 6" x 8' 0" door

Custom Order Ideas Arch Top Doors
2 1/4" thick Genuine Mahogany
Custom Door 3' 6" x 8' 0", 14" Sidelights
Add a Transom to any door that is 36" in width and has 12" Sidelights

Rectangular Transom Only $523
includes 2" Brickmolding
Add 3 1/2" Interior Casing from $51

Elliptical Transom Only $1095
includes 2" Brickmolding
Add 3 1/2" Interior Casing for $125

Half Round Transom Only $1315    
includes 2" Brickmolding
Add 3 1/2" Interior Casing for $125

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