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Finishing Tips on Exterior Wood Doors for the do-it-yourselfer

After your done Sanding, Staining and Finishing the door
Use Clear Silicon and caulk these locations:
  • Around the windows on the exterior side.
  • Where the Jamb Legs meet the Threshold on the exterior side.

  • Properly Install the Door Sweep

    Tools Required:

    utility knife/shears
    clear silicone sealant
    flange head/ pan head screws,
    long staples or roofing nails

    tools required to install a wood door sweep 
    Wood Door Sweep Orientation wood door sweep installation orientation
    Wood Door sweep has natural drip edge.
    the Flange is under the door.
    a minimalist profile does not disturb the
    look or the face of the door.
    wood door sweep has built in drip edge
    Trim sweep to proper door length.
    place bead of caulk at locations shown in Red.
    wood door sweep installation caulk locations
    Lay door slab face down on saw horses
    stick sweep on and install flange head screws
    about every 5 inches
    wood door sweep installation with flange head screws
    Reinstall door in the frame.
    test the sweep for ease of operation.
    Raise or Lower the adjustable sill cap if necessary.
    door sweep installation on wood door cutaway view
    Garage Door Sweep Weatherstripping
    Can use flange head screws or galvanized
    roofing nails. 1/2" screws worked nice.
    garage door weatherstripping

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