Using Rustic Doors to Add Old-World Charm to a Home


The expectation a person has for the feel of a home is often determined before they set foot inside. Curb-appeal, or lack thereof, sets the stage for the overall atmosphere, and the largest determining factor of whether a home has it rests upon the threshold. If utilized well, a rustic door can serve as a gorgeous centerpiece, or simply as a complement to the home’s comprehensive design.

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Using Wood Overhead Doors to Enhance a Home’s Timeless Style

Approximately, one-third of the average home’s street-side façade is occupied by the garage, according to This Old House Magazine. The days when single-car garages were detached from the home and tucked away out of sight are long gone. Most homes built within the last 50 years have the two and three-car bays integrated into a major portion of the home’s floor plan. Some of the newer developments even include two separate bays on opposite ends of the house, so residents have space for vehicles and toys. With so much space being devoted to these entryways, the detail worked into them can ether make or break a home’s appearance. To provide a classic and timeless style, wood overhead doors can be used.
What Are Wood Overhead Doors?
An overhead door refers to any style of door that begins vertically, rises upward, and stows in a horizontal position. They can consist of a single piece that swings widely outward when being lifted, or they can have many horizontal pieces joined together with hinges that allow the door to roll upward in a compact space. They’re commonly used in garages, though are also routinely used in barns and sheds. By nature, they’re incredibly versatile and can create visual interest, meld into scenery, or give existing décor an added punch.
For increased curb-appeal, the style chosen should complement the home’s architecture. A seamless and classic appearance can be achieved by pulling from existing details in the home’s façade. Arches and angles, which are built into the shape of the door itself,as well as to any windows, should match those from the house’s living areas. Some designs utilize false-folds, which make an overhead door appear to slide side-to-side, or open outward, like a gate. This adds authenticity when a homeowner is working to achieve an antiquated or rustic appearance. The use of crossbeams work well with cottage-style homes, and vertical detail woodwork is often ideal for a traditional look.
Finishing Touches
The beauty of a wooden overhead door shines through best when it’s stained, rather than when it’s coated in paint. Stain comes in almost any color imaginable, though for a timeless look, traditional wood-tones should be selected. A single hue may be used all over the entire piece, or an additional shade can highlight details. Alternatively, a colonial-style home or similar variant will appear more cohesive with a coat of classic-white paint. Hardware can be added to give it the feel of a conventional carriage door. Decorative pulls, handles, and hinges made to look like wrought iron are gorgeous accents, and they’re made to suit any design and style.
Regardless of the building’s architectural style, wood overhead doors add an extra measure of splendor. They combine modern convenience with a timeless look and are incredibly versatile. A classic appearance is a delight for homeowners, adds curb-appeal, and can help
increase the home’s value.

Exterior Doors- Making the Right Choice

By the time that people have made the decision to replace an existing front door with something new, we find that they have also researched what is available locally. This is a good starting point as it gives you a comparison of various prices, qualities and materials to consider.
All of these issues are important considerations for anyone who is thinking of replacing an existing exterior door. However, keep in mind that browsing a custom door website like ours is going to provide you with more selection, more options and more quality doors than you can expect to find at any one hardware or building supply store.
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Elegant Mansion Doors – Dressed to Impress

There is something that is so regal and impressive looking about true mansion doors. We are often asked to create very personalized and unique custom and hard wood doors for our clients, especially for a custom designed home.
These doors are absolutely amazing and many of our craftsmen have extensive experience in working with us to create these one of a kind hand carved designs that are just what our customers have come to expect. We use only Sapele African Mahogany wood species for our hand carved doors so they are rich, warm and vibrant naturally, but adding a beautiful stain just creates that additional richness and elegance.
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Ideas For Custom Interior Doors

It can sometimes be difficult to image how a specific door could change the look of a room, but we are here to tell you that a door really does make a difference. Doors in a home are functional, of course, and necessary for privacy, but they can also be a big part of the décor.
Choosing the right door for the right room is important for renovations or construction. We have our doors categorized by styles to make it easy for you to see the door and then picture it in your particular room. We also have customer support available to answer any questions that you may have about interior doors and where in the house they are best suited.
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Caring For Wood Overhead Doors For A Garage

There is something rich, luxurious and beautiful about the look of wood overhead doors on a garage, especially if the rest of the home and the garage feature wood exterior doors in the same stain and style. We get a lot of people concerned about the upkeep of wooden doors, but this is really not the issue it was a couple of decades ago.
Wood doors bring together the look of the property with both an attached or detached garage. As with all exterior wood, there is some maintenance required to these doors, but with new technologies in stains and products it is very minimal under typical use and environmental conditions.
If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions such as heat, cold or wet weather, you may be surprised to find our well-crafted wood overhead doors, when properly treated, are just as durable as other types of overhead doors. We use only specialized UV exterior grade stains to protect our doors from direct sunlight, and sealers to prevent moisture from penetrating into the wood.
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3 Reasons To Renovate With Wood Garage Doors In Older Homes

Many of our clients live in older homes, or even historic homes, and have a lot of difficulty in completing renovations to both their home and their garage areas. This is because over time simple things like the standard size of wood garage doors has changed dramatically.
Today’s standard garage doors in many new homes are much larger than those of even a few decades ago. This is certainly true of custom built homes as well as for homes in subdivisions and even in rural locations.
With an older home and garage renovation, using commercially available pre-made garage doors is often a very costly idea. Not only will the door opening have to be resized, but this can then lead to a disproportionate look given the size of the garage. This doesn’t even include the fact that these standard doors may not coordinate with the style of the entrance door to the home, creating a disjointed or mismatched appearance.

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How Exterior Doors Add Style To Your Home

We pride ourselves in creating beautiful designs of exterior doors for all types of homes. This includes custom made and hand carved doors that are on some of the most luxurious homes and mansions in the United States and Canada to pre hung doors that are perfect for a new home construction or a renovation.
We believe that the doors to a home can do one of three things. They can make a positive statement about your home, your style and your preferences; they can be neutral and add nothing to the look of your home; or they can detract from the appearance.
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Make Your Business And Brand Stand Out With Costume Doors

As a business owner or property manager you understand how important it is to have an inviting and well-maintained building and entrance. However, going the extra step and choosing custom doors to enhance the look and ambience of your office space or commercial building is also an important aspect to consider.
Professionals such as attorneys, doctors, architects, accountants, retail businesses and virtually all professional services are always looking for ways to set themselves apart from the competition. We definitely have the answer with our custom door design and manufacturing team.

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