Are Dutch Doors Considered Safe? What To Know

Are Dutch Doors Considered Safe? What To Know

We all know home is where the heart is—and for many of us, our heart is our home. It’s where we build our family, create memories, and enjoy the company of friends. However, just like family, homes grow and change with the owners. So, one day, you decide to update yours.

You go through your options and decide on putting in a Dutch door leading from the kitchen into the backyard. And more importantly, you consider your safety. However, Dutch doors aren’t your expertise. So how safe are they? Here are some tips on how to know if your Dutch door is right for you.

What Are Dutch Doors?

A Dutch door—also known as double-hung or half doors—is split in half horizontally, keeping the bottom shut while allowing the top half to swing open. A bolt can secure the two together, making it operate like a regular door.

Dutch doors originated in colonial New England to allow the sunlight and breeze to come in through the home without letting children out and animals in. Dutch doors are still trendy due to their rustic, timeless features and use for interior design.

Choosing the Right Door

Once you learn how to know if your Dutch door is right for you, you have vast options for personalization! You can choose options such as

  • Interior or exterior
  • Color or stain
  • Door material (Glass, metal, or brass)

If you’re looking for a retailer or an in-house workshop, you can find Dutch doors for sale just about anywhere. At Nick’s Building Supply, we offer many different designs in our store and can make it within just a few days of your order. So, feel free to contact us with any questions!

Potential Dutch Door Risks

Despite their beauty, Dutch doors have drawbacks. If you consider adding them as an exterior entryway into your home, consider upkeep—hinges, doorknobs, and weathered wood are all things to consider when it comes to maintenance.

However, Dutch doors don’t forgo safety. They bolt together and into the doorframe to prevent intruders and add an extra level of protection to your home.

All in all, Dutch doors are a beautiful addition to your home. They’re sturdy and also open your home up to any nice breezes.