Are Craftsman Homes and Craftsman Doors Related?

Are Craftsman Homes and Craftsman Doors Related?

The decades are sprinkled with amazing examples of architecture from different cultures and periods. Thanks to improvements in supply manufacturing, many of these once hard-to-find styles have been entirely integrated into one of many choices available to modern homeowners and builders.

One previously uncommon style is the craftsman style. Unfortunately, there’s some confusion with the term, leading people to wonder, “Are craftsman homes and craftsman doors related?

A Brief History of the Craftsman Style

The term craftsman typical refers to two different but closely related styles. Often, the term is interchangeable between mission style and arts and crafts style. However, despite sharing the craftsman titles, these two styles are not identical.

Mission style is typically used to describe a very humble origin with similarities to the antiquated architecture of Mexico. On the other hand, the arts and crafts style is meant to be a humbler breakaway from the wildly popular Victorian styles adored in the 1800s and 1900s of America.

What Is a Craftsman Door?

Although they’re also sometimes referred to as arts and crafts style doors, mission entry doors have a completely different origin. This simple and beautiful design sparked interest around the world. As people began to shift their attention away from the excessive look of Victorian-style furnishing, mission-style doors became a natural pair-in with more modern designs.

The straight lines and high windowpanes work well with the clean-cut lines and straight edges that define craftsman homes. Originally, they were designed to pair with the beautiful and traditional South American architectural style of mission homes.

What Is a Craftsman Home?

As mentioned, craftsman homes were created by architects in America. Like mission styles homes, the goal of craftsman homes was to create a more down-to-earth style. However, these homes were and still are intended to appeal to the average American homeowner. Mission homes, on the other hand, were originally the simple and satisfying abode of local priests and church workers. Later, the style was adapted into modern homes due to its beauty.

By comparison, craftsman homes are much more elegant, often featuring gabled roofs, porches with elegant columns, and other decorative amenities. As such, the answer to whether craftsman homes and craftsman doors are related is that, technically, they are not. All the same, the two styles have many elements that are interchangeable.