Can Interior Oak Doors Be Left Untreated?

When switching a worn door for a freshly-made oak masterpiece, the same question can cross the minds of many buyers—can interior oak doors be left untreated? You would think that the lack of inclement or changing weather inside a home would keep an interior door safe. However, before you can discover the answer to this burning question, you’ll need to learn the basics about oak doors and their care.

The Basics

To create an oak door, oak panels must bond together to create a sturdy and stable surface. If an individual piece warps or cracks, the pieces of wood will push together to prevent movement. A close bond allows wood components to form a durable door that can last a while. After going through the sanding process, each door remains unfinished unless a customer requests otherwise.

Untreated vs. Treated

Once the doors leave the factory, they’re very vulnerable to warping and bending. Manufacturers seal untreated oak doors in airtight packaging to prevent moisture from penetrating them. Once they reach the customer, the doors must lay flat in storage and stay away from all the moisture that could damage their appearance.

You should treat each oak door before hanging it in your home. It’s best to do so once you remove the product from its original packaging. Often, your home contains moisture, and any presence of dampness in a room can cause an untreated door to warp. Treating your door before hanging it will give it the best possible level of protection.

Next Steps

The best finish for interior oak wood doors is a hardwax oil that serves as the ideal endurance barrier. It creates a smooth surface and highlights the door’s features. You’ll need to sand down the door before applying it.

So, can interior oak doors be left untreated? The short answer is no. While you could get away with leaving them unfinished, it would ultimately affect the door’s quality and strength over time. Therefore, you’re better off sealing in your oak door’s striking features with protection that can help it last longer. Plus, your wallet will thank you since you won’t need to replace your doors frequently!

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