Wood Species To Consider for Your Interior Doors

When creating your dream home, no one wants to compromise on the fixtures and decorations they desire. For some, the true spirit lies in the natural materials that create everything from the walls to the doors. If you want to improve your home with reliable materials, it’s good to know about some wood species to consider for your interior doors.


Birchwood is light in color with a wonderfully straight and smooth grain. From golds to light browns, birch livens up the area and is best finished with light products rather than paint or dark stains. Since it struggles to absorb heavier substances, the lighter you go, the better. Birch is similar to maple in appearance, but it’s a bit more susceptible to rot, making it more ideal as interior door material.


For those who seek a darker elegance for their home, walnut is a beautiful dark wood that brings deep brown shades to your interior. Walnut has a natural and prevalent grain that is a sight to admire. For this reason, it’s a good idea to avoid using paints that hide the pattern. Instead, light or clear stains allow the wood to speak for itself while protecting it simultaneously. Walnut is naturally resistant to moisture and warping, so it’s an excellent choice for those looking to add a defined splendor to their home.


Cherrywood is a popular choice for high-end décor and furniture. This species is inviting and exciting to look at with its playful red-brown color. Its grain carries a delicate pattern and is worth preserving when using it as a door. While cherry is still prone to fading over time, avoiding direct sunlight (if possible) allows its color to remain for a longer period.

The next time you look for solid wood interior doors for sale, consider a few of these wood species for your home. Each kind has a story to tell and a unique way of presenting itself in your home. It is a good idea to understand the best ways to highlight their characteristics while keeping some limitations before deciding on the one you wish to use.