5 Reasons Your Home Needs a Custom Front Door

Many people dedicate time and hard work to designing their homes flawlessly. However, there are ways to give good impressions to guests and visitors at the beginning of their stay at your home. The front door is one of the first ways that allow an owner to hint at the quality of each room inside. Though some are bound to gloss over the finer details, those with an eye for design are more likely to notice. For those who are hesitant to invest in a higher-quality front entrance, these are five reasons your home needs a custom front door.

Increased Curb Appeal

While the practical qualities of a good front door are good considerations to keep in mind, the aesthetic purpose has value in terms of your home’s resale value. Many people see the garage door first, as it is the largest entrance in most homes. However, this should not discourage you from getting a high-quality garage door. It is beneficial to have a high-quality garage door and a custom front entrance. The main idea that should be prioritized is the specialization of the porch in making it the main focal point of the front of your home.

The door should also be included among the various d├ęcor items and yard additions that help paint the foyer as a lovely introduction to the rest of the home. A well-made door with a unique design and appeal shows that there have been conscious efforts put toward the home to improve it past the standards of those around you. This is noted in many appraisals and helps when it comes time to change things. The front door is a simple way to increase your home’s value and entice future buyers before they take a step inside.

Better Security

One of the best opportunities presented with a custom door is having a say in each aspect of its design. Many people do not realize how short-lived a typical front door can be when it is made from cost-effective wood. When deciding on a customized door, the wood’s quality helps it resist natural wear from outside elements. Alongside those natural immunities comes the strength of the wood itself. Thicker and more robust wood types make brute force a difficult and usually almost impossible option for intruders.

Despite what some believe, the front door is a fairly common entrance point for uninvited guests. With that in mind, putting the time to improve your security features is great for giving you one less thing to worry about at night. From the hinges of your door to the location of the locks, everything plays a role in how well your door is able to protect you. Specifically, when related to the door’s construction, it is important to ensure the corners where your horizontal and vertical points meet are secured correctly. When cut at a 45-degree angle and joined together, the overall strength of your door is made harder to breach as a result.

Longer Lasting

Certain wood species have advantages over others and should be considered depending on the weather regularly experienced in your area. For example, a smart choice is to choose an exotic wood like teak, white oak, or Brazilian cherry for their resistance to rot and decay. White oak has a history of being used in the creation of whiskey barrels for its naturally tight grain that makes it ideal for storing liquids. Teak, on the other hand, is very durable and has natural oils that allow it to repel insects, termites, and water. Building a teak exterior door for your front entrance is a great choice when living in a humid area with a lot of moisture.

While many wood species are different in their looks, patterns, and resistances, it is also good to note that they share some of those strengths. For that reason, there is still a variety to choose from, and you as a homeowner do not have to feel limited when selecting the material for your front door.

Privacy Control

The front entrance design allows you to take advantage of what you are comfortable with. Adding a glass opening to your door is great for allowing natural sunlight into the home during the day. However, this also means people are able to see inside your home to a certain degree. If you are not comfortable with that possibility, it is good to remember that custom doors afford you the freedom to choose how much or how little those openings in your front entrance are. If you are looking for a more aesthetic appeal, then a beautiful glass window with slight frost is what you are looking for. Alternatively, if safety and security are your main priorities, a solid wood door with an elegant design is likely better suited to your preference.

More Personalization

When allowed to customize your home from front to back, the door begins a great experience for yourself and others. Thinking of the front entrance as the first hint to what lies in store for people inside is a great place to start when thinking of ways to incorporate it into your design style. Whether it is a dark or light wood to show the grain, each choice becomes a refined detail that adds to the overall appeal of your home’s appearance.

A home that is custom-built for you is easy to take pride in. A home like that does not come instantly but is created over time after careful deliberations. Hopefully, by knowing about these five reasons your home needs a custom front door, you are able to quickly make those choices and feast your eyes on your dream home. Whether you intend to stay in it forever or plan an eventual farewell, each choice made for your house is part of the story you tell later on. Let it be known how much love and care went into the final project. Not many put so much of themselves into the place they live, but in the end, yours is sure to be a hallmark of who you are.

5 Reasons Your Home Needs a Custom Front Door