The Functional Importance of Doors in Any Building

From bringing unique style to a space to serving a practical use, doors are integral to how a building functions. However, these installations aside do more than act as the main connector between a structure’s rooms. Understanding the functional importance of doors in any building is beneficial for anyone looking to build or remodel a structure.


Doors can be as intricate and beautiful as they can be simple and minimalistic. Regardless of the overall style chosen for the building, doors are flexible additions that fit perfectly into various design styles. The combination of both form and function makes doors an integral part of interior design. By finding the perfect balance between these elements, designers can evoke specific emotions and feelings simply by choosing the right door for a space.


Aside from their role in a space’s design, doors have always had the practical use of serving as a physical layer of security. While there are simple locks in place for most doors, more high-end buildings likely have doors that use electronic locks. Different strategies are put to use to make doors even more secure, such as layering them with different types of locks or requiring people to pass through consecutive entryways before reaching a specific location.


While it is good to focus on their ability to protect and decorate, understanding how doors play a role in the daily lives of those in a building is also crucial. Mission entry doors are a great example of a standard entryway that is able to be propped open for ease of access or entered quickly. Automatic doors cut that process down even further. Electronic locks can be added to either type of door, but it is good to remember the usual procedures that workers or owners follow when using different types of doors in a building.

Doors are normally not the foremost thought people consider when going into a home or building. They have several alternative uses and are foundational in how a structure operates daily. Hopefully, by considering the functional importance of doors in any building, you will be more aware of their significance the next time you use them.