The History of Dutch Doors and Why They Are Awesome

Making your home feel like a place you belong is a journey best accomplished through preference and experimentation with design. Your choices eventually add up and create each small decision’s overall image and mood. For those looking to add a more homey appeal, it’s good to know about the history of Dutch doors and why they are awesome.

A Classic Entryway

Dutch doors have been around since the 17th century, and their charm continues to find its way into many people’s homes today. While they were mostly found on farmhouses, they found a brief period of wider popularity in the mid-1900s, which introduced them to other domestic settings. Today, Dutch-style interior doors can be custom made or purchased for those aiming to hearken back to one of the most classic entryways for residences.

Unique Door

While Dutch doors have an extensive history with times of waning popularity and resurgences, it is hard to argue against their unique appearance. Opening the top half of a door lends a certain vintage feel to your home and also widens a vista without fully opening up the means of egress. However, when designing your home, every function does not have to focus on efficacy or helpfulness. Often, it is nice to simply enjoy something nostalgic or pleasant to you as the owner.

Useful Functions

Despite how some perceive the usefulness of a Dutch door as a home entrance, it still has several unique uses when used inside. For homeowners with small children or pets, leaving the bottom half closed allows you to keep an eye on them without them leaving the room. The same goes for guests, as leaving the top half open allows you to continue interacting with them while maintaining a unique style to your home.

Dutch doors are a wonderfully distinctive feature. Modern fusions of these doors also exist for those who enjoy their novelty but do not want the classic design they are known for. Hopefully, by considering the history of Dutch doors and why they are awesome, you are able to make use of their charm in your home.