10 Hot Home Building Trends To Watch in 2022

Building a home to your liking or a client’s liking is sometimes filled with much deliberation and planning. Awareness of what is gaining traction and popularity is important to create quality homes that appeal to a broad audience continually. While it is rare to create something that appeals to everyone, bringing forth ideas that inspire and encapsulate is something that is both challenging and thrilling. For those ready to take on the task of uniqueness and relevancy, here are 10 hot home-building trends to watch for in 2022.

Eco-Friendly Development

As the world turns toward a more sustainable approach in relation to the environment, it is important to note the importance of eco-friendly design. Many new homeowners are willing to put the work into finding out the impact their new home has made in its creation. By using eco-friendly means of constructing a home, from the building materials to the fixtures and energy consumption, these homes are likely to be more popular in the near future.

Indulging Outdoors

Many homes have focused on the comfort of indoor living for a long time. However, being able to focus on the joys of both indoor and outdoor living has recently become more prevalent. As lockdowns began, people sought more lively and refreshing experiences from the confines of their homes. While the outdoor experience is not the same for everyone, those actively searching for more updated homes are likely to lean more toward those that accommodate both lifestyles.


The maximalist style has been around for a long while and shows no signs of stopping today. With a unique niche that tends to come and go with every era, maximalism today is more of a showcase of one’s preferences. There is no longer a desire to show off collections that trend with the world but rather things that have meaning to the owner. Homes built to complement such design styles are both spacious and capable of staging several items for guests and tenants to enjoy daily.

Outdoor Fusion

Homes have gotten more open and brighter with each new design iteration. Allowing the sunlight to come in via large windowpanes reduces the boundary line between the outdoors and your home. Similar to the eco-centric lifestyle that some people value, the thinner the veil between those two worlds, the better for anyone who loves feeling closer to nature. Bright colors and open design reign supreme for those aiming to have a home that feels natural without departing from the roots of its surroundings.


A home that is both beautiful and elegant appeals to many different potential owners. The simplicity attracts those of a more minimalist preference, while the same can be said for those who wish to fill it. Regardless of the kind of person that is interested, a home is most enticing when it is capable of balancing its attraction with functionality. Whether it be multi-use fixtures or hidden storage, home designs that keep in mind ease of use with their layout are more attractive to potential buyers. Simply put, the more efficient a homeowner’s life can be by choosing that home, the more likely they are to consider it in their final decision.

Natural Materials

The materials used in a home’s design are just as important as the sustainable methods of building a home. Homes that use natural materials like wood and recycled objects are not widely available. This is because sometimes it takes a toll on the total cost of a home to source it from reliable sources. Something like including mahogany wood doors for your home’s exterior requires a fair bit of work to ensure that they are genuine procured items rather than taking someone’s word for it.

Smarter Homes

While design and beauty meld together, implementing the ease of use via smart homes has also become something to consider. Higher-end homes are naturally getting higher in standard as technology continues to progress. Self-rising blinds, voice-activated security systems, and hands-free light controls are a few of the many capabilities and quality of life changes that such advances are capable of. As homes make more use of these functions, the more lax and luxurious possibilities await.


Arches have always been an elegant addition to any home, but when it comes to decorating the exterior, they are wonderful to look at. More homes are taking note of the air they give to the property as a whole and are adding them to the foundational design of more current homes. Arches have been around since ancient times but have not lost an ounce of their luster through time. The regal feeling of an arch is not likely to wane anytime soon and is expected to find a comfortable place in home-building projects throughout the years.

Larger Porches

The porch has sometimes remained an afterthought to homeowners as they focus on the comfort of their interior living conditions. However, a subtle appreciation for each facet that a home provides has crept its way into the minds of designers and homeowners alike. The porch serves as the first introduction for guests to your home and the primary welcome when you return. Having a larger area to work with works to your benefit to create a more comfortable scenery.

Strong Accents

The accents of a home have become bolder with each iteration. As home design explores more contrasting patterns, so are the means of emphasizing the colors that impact the greatest impact. Home accents are minor details that affect how it presents itself at first glance. By using contrast, it adds to each room. People rely on it to make their rooms seem more vibrant and exciting.

There are several considerations when building your (or someone else’s) dream home. As the trends continue to evolve, so must the flexibility of designers and builders alike. Hopefully, these ten hot home-building trends to watch in 2022 help set a good standard for current and future clients. While there is no “catch-all” home design, it is a good idea to be open to things that are gaining popularity and showing potential signs of being future-proof additions overall.

10 Hot Home Building Trends To Watch in 2022