Why You Should Be Using Wood Oil on Interior Doors

Whether you’re using it for custom crafts, artisan designs, or home décor— wood is not a cheap material. High-end wooden furniture and interior doors, however, are a few examples of those items that are worth preserving. If you’re wanting the items in your home to keep their luster for as long as possible, keep reading to learn why using wood oil on your interior doors is a great way to keep them looking new throughout the years.

Deep Protection

Where exterior doors benefit from the use of varnish to help preserve them, interior doors benefit more from the use of wood oils—as the oils can seep deep into the surface of the wood. Sometimes, wood oil alone is not enough to keep certain species of wood—used to make interior doors—safe. A wood oil-varnish combination may be worth some consideration for those looking for extra protection.

Lasting Luster

The beauty of having wood oil applied to your pre-hung wood interior doors is its capability to make the doors shine and bring out their natural attributes. Woods with a grain that fades over time can feel brand new when oil is applied to them. For those with aged doors or doors with a dark coloring to them—such as walnut, mahogany, or red oak—can revitalize and bring out the richness of their doors’ with wood oil.

Prolonged Lifespan

The penetrative properties of wood oil allow it to reinforce the health of the wood from deep within and effectively prolong the wood’s lifespan. Over time, the natural oils of your door begin to fade as a result of exposure. To help bring it back to life, the oil enhances and replaces that lost oil. This retains or brings back past luster due to its application, and it doesn’t take long to see the effects of your labor.

Using wood oil on your interior doors not only helps to freshen up the wood, it adds a welcoming atmosphere to your entryways and furniture. For more tips on keeping your interior doors looking healthy and brand new, visit our website or give us a call. We’re happy to help!