3 Reasons Why Solid Interior Doors are Superior to Hollow

Wood is a flexible material capable of increasing the quality of a home when it is implemented correctly into fixtures. While the price range varies greatly depending on the intricacy of the work done to the door, the investment is well worth the time a good door lasts. Creating a home to your liking takes consideration and effort. These three reasons solid interior doors are superior to hollow ones are good to know.

More Insulation

Hollow core doors are normally used for spaces that do not require much privacy. When it comes to installing a door for a room in your home, hollow doors do not offer enough insulation for daily living. They are also not as capable of isolating sound as solid interior doors are. Whether you value your privacy, electric bill, or both, a solid interior door takes the cake regarding insulation.

Increased Sturdiness

The benefits of using good source material for a door lie in its strength and decorative pattern. Finished oak interior doors, for example, are much stronger than the material in a hollow wood door. Hollow doors are typically a blend of materials with some wood but are hardly considered the same. This mesh of materials does not offer the same level of quality or strength as real wood.

Longer Lifespan

It is not a stretch to say that hollow wood doors are like fillers or mimics of solid doors. While the material can create an affordable alternative for rooms that do not need the benefits a solid door provides, they are weaker overall. Doors made from real wood are capable of lasting anywhere from 30 to 100 years, while hollow doors typically max out at around 30 for high-quality ones.

Wood is a material that is difficult to replace in a home. Sometimes solid wood’s value is best highlighted compared to something that attempts to copy it in appearance but not capabilities. These three reasons why solid interior doors are superior to hollow ones shine more light on the difference in quality between the two for those trying to decide which one to choose for their home.