Quick & Easy Ways To Fix a Squeaky Door Hinge

Doors are great fixtures that add a delicate touch to the appearance of a home. While they make themselves noticeable via their quality and beauty, the last thing you want is to hear a squeaking door. Squeaky and whiney doors are annoying additions to daily life that grow more frustrating over time. These are some easy ways to fix a squeaky door hinge to give yourself peace of mind at home.


Over time, dirt and dust fill in the cracks of door hinges. This leads to increased resistance along that side of the door and sometimes wears down the material. The longer you allow dust to accumulate, the more likely you will run into annoying squeaking sounds. Using a good lubricant in those areas sometimes requires removing the hinges to lubricate more thoroughly. However, silent doors are worth the effort after work.

Loosen the Screws

Suppose you have just installed new teak wood doors in your home, which are already squeaking as you open and close them. Before asking for a refund, consider loosening the screws on the hinges. An installation that is too snug around that area sometimes leads to the same effects you get by letting buildups persist over a long period.

Replace the Hinges

In cases where both methods have failed to garner any results, sometimes the best option is to replace your door hinges altogether. Buying new ones opens up a great opportunity to upgrade. Some improve your door’s security, while others are based on your preference of style and color.

When you invest in a door, the last thing you want is for it to become an annoyance in your daily life. To maintain your sanity while keeping the beauty of your door free of minor irritations, these easy ways to fix squeaky hinges will help solve your issues. Fixing your door hinges makes your doors as silent as mice.