Why the Right Finish Will Protect Wood Doors From Wear & Tear

Wood doors are popular in homes all around the world. Nevertheless, without the appropriate protection, the doors won’t last as long as they should.

Fortunately, wood finishes can contribute to long-lasting wooden doors. Read about why choosing the right finish will protect wood doors from wear and tear.

Safeguards the Wood From Moisture

Solid wood doors are vulnerable when exposed to moisture. The water permeates the wood, and rot begins cultivating within. Before you know it, there’s a large, weakened portion, and the entire door needs replacing.

Protects From Bugs

If water damage occurs, you’ll likely see the wood begin to rot. Now, there’s an opening for bugs to dig into the surface and infest the wood.

Termites, carpenter ants, and beetles are common culprits of bug infestations. However, applying the right finish will protect wood doors from rot and the risk of infestation from these insects. The strong coating secures the wood from any minuscule insect creeping into the material.

Shields Against UV Rays

Exterior doors that face the sun are at high risk of sun damage. UV rays constantly beam down on the wood. This can cause it to dry, swelling, or cracked wood. Since you want your wood doors to last, you must apply a high-quality finish to ensure they last.

Enhances the Wood’s Natural Grain

Both interior and exterior doors can benefit from the application of wood finishes. Not only does it provide all the above-listed qualities, but it will also enhance the wood’s natural grain.

Each wood species is different, with unique properties. Choosing the right finish will highlight the pure beauty of each piece of wood.

The Types of Finishes To Pick From

After learning about the purpose of wood finishes, you can now determine which finishes suit the wooden doors in your house.

Oil-Based Finish

Oil-based finishes provide minimal protection. The primary goal of the product is to hydrate the wood and add an elegant shine.

Exterior doors frequently encounter water due to rain and snow. Therefore, oil is the best finish for pre-hung wood interior doors. The ability to guard against small amounts of water while embellishing the exquisite appearance of the wood is perfect for interior wood doors.

Water-Based Finish

Another finish ideal for the indoors is water-based finishes. They supply scratch-resistant properties that oil-based finishes cannot provide. The coating will retain the original wood’s color and characteristics for a natural glow that gleams indoors.


If you’re searching for a tough, matte coating, varnish is the choice for you! Exterior doors need a resilient layer guarding the wood from the elements. Luckily, varnish is up for the challenge.

It will repel moisture and insects, and protect the wood from sun exposure. Varnish is an excellent option when you want your exterior wooden doors to last.


The final alternative is a secondary choice; wax finishes are most effective for exterior doors when applied as the second coating. When placed on top of water-based or oil-based finishes, the wax supplies strong coverage to fight against UV rays and moisture.

The trick with wax finishes is that you must reapply frequently. Apply the desired wax every six months to guarantee the wood remains protected from the elements.