How Proper Maintenance Affects the Longevity of Wood Doors

Choosing wooden doors comes with responsibility; they require meticulous preservation and attention to detail to ensure nature doesn’t take its toll on the wood’s quality.

If you want your wooden doors to last, you must understand how proper maintenance will affect the longevity of wood doors. Read about some of the potential risks wood doors face and how to safeguard them from premature or avoidable damage.

Tending to Issues Promptly

Proper maintenance involves regular inspections and prompt repairs. These practices help stop damage on the door from worsening. For example, cracks in the wood and chipped paint are two problems that may cause rot in the future. Fixing them will prevent moisture and other contaminants from corrupting your gorgeous wooden doors. Rather than replace the door entirely because of one little problem, identifying this problem early through regular inspections and addressing it immediately will prevent deterioration.

Maintaining an Elegant Glow

When interior and exterior wooden doors look dry and cracked, they’re likely in dire need of a finish. Finishes hydrate wood and give it scratch-resistant properties, allowing wooden doors to remain pristine despite use and elemental exposure.

Interior doors thrive with oil- or water-based finishes to hydrate the wood. Exterior doors require varnishes or wax coatings in addition to oil- or water-based finishes. Once you apply a finish to your wooden doors, they will boast a newly nourished presence.

Preventing Rusted Hardware

The wood isn’t the only aspect of the door that requires care. The metal hardware needs some attention too! The doorknob, hinges, strike plate, and lock can all succumb to rust if you don’t care for them accordingly.

To prevent rusting hardware, mix mild soap and warm water. Lightly clean the metal pieces and dry them with a new towel. The gentle cleaning process won’t jeopardize the door’s finish, and it will prolong the lifespan of your wooden door’s metal hardware.

Proper maintenance will increase the wood doors’ longevity. Applying finishes isn’t only ideal for a lovely wooden appearance; it’s also the key to preventing rot. And caring for the metal hardware also plays a role in lengthening your wooden door’s lifespan.

However, if you’ve somehow let your wooden doors succumb to irreparable damages, Nick’s Building Supply has you covered. Whether you need finished oak internal doors or another style, we have what you’re looking for. This time, you can start with a clean slate and care for your lovely wood doors the right way.