How To Choose the Right Kind of Wood for Your Custom Doors

Let’s get your home looking luxurious and new! Continue reading about how to choose the right kind of wood for your custom doors and the many amazing customizations to choose from.

The Importance of Solid Wood Doors

There’s no other choice than to pick solid wood doors when making various customizations to an entry door. Hollow core doors are lighter and less heavy-duty. The lack of solid wood in the center makes them more vulnerable to break-ins and falling apart during intense weather.

You must have a durable solid wood door to withstand the pressure. These exterior door types will support the variety of unique woodwork features and glass components that make your front door vastly exceptional.

The Wood Species To Choose From

Now that you know the type of door to pick, you must decide which wood species to choose. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular options that may pique your interest.

Red Oak

Two kinds of oak wood exist. The first is red oak; it has pinkish and red undertones with especially sturdy properties.

If you don’t love the original color, it’s an easy species to stain. The wood will quickly absorb it and retain the natural pinky undertones.

Additionally, red oak is an amazing wood species that is highly unlikely to rot or warp. Its water-resistant qualities and intense strength prevent the wood from warping, faltering under impacts, or suffering frequent scratches.

White Oak

The second type of oak wood is white oak. It closely resembles red oak, but there are a couple of differences.

White oak is a light, cream-colored wood. Its more yellow and brown undertones make it a great material that can absorb a wide range of stains. White oak is an incredible hardwood choice when you’re looking for a wood species to customize.

However, the species’ color shade isn’t its only valuable feature. It’s also one of the most popular wood species for wood carving. White oak is slightly more scratch-resistant and durable than red oak. However, this doesn’t mean that choosing between the two materials will make or break the look of your custom door.

White oak is a great material when you want detailed wood carvings. Hearty wood is easy to detail with various power tools to achieve the look you have in mind.


Buyers adore mahogany’s straight, even grain. The tight grain allows others to easily recognize this wood species. It establishes a natural elegance and vintage ambiance for homes.

Mahogany wood species resist rotting and decay. No matter what region you live in, mahogany wood can withstand humidity, heavy rain, snowstorms, and hot summer days.

It’s a great type of wood that’s easily customizable to fit a modern, traditional, or antique design. The versatile material makes it a reliable option when you don’t know which type of wood to choose for your home.


Alder is your ideal choice when looking for a rustic exterior door. There’s no need to paint a door with such natural charm. The even texture and subtle grain pattern create a smooth, sleek finish.

The medium-density hardwood isn’t very porous. Therefore, it’s difficult to stain. Luckily, the natural reddish hue seamlessly complements a rustic aesthetic. Pair it with a few wrought iron details and glass windows, and you have the perfect wooden entry door!


Lastly, you cannot count out cedar from your wood species selection. The material is very high in natural oils, which makes it very resistant to faltering due to the elements. The long-lasting, sturdy material has a natural beauty. The wood may begin as a pinky-red color but can develop more gray properties over time.

More and more homeowners adore lighter stains to brighten the exterior and interior of the home. The unique grain pattern of cedar establishes it as a favored entry door material you shouldn’t overlook.

Discovering the Style You’re Looking For

The purpose of custom doors is to deliberately choose each feature to attain the style you desire. If you don’t know where to start, here are some features to help you choose the right kind of wood for your custom doors.

Single or Double Doors

Sometimes, homeowners have ample space to incorporate double doors. The enhanced curb appeal provides a high-class atmosphere that’s vastly appealing to passersby. Each time you enter your home, it feels like an extravagant experience.

Additionally, single doors are also wonderful choices. They’re the most popular option because of their convenience and affordability. Single doors are the best option for your home when you don’t see the personal benefit of double doors.

Exceptional Door Shapes

The next step is to decide on the door’s shape. You have two primary choices: rectangular or arched.

Classic Rectangular Doors

There’s no way to go wrong by choosing a classic rectangular entry door. It’s typically more suitable for modern homes due to its geometric, angular composition. This classic design is not only appealing, but it’s also a more affordable alternative.

Arched Doors

If you want to stray away from tradition, implement some character through your entry door with arched doors. Rather than the classic straight-edged design in rectangular doors, these doors curve at the top. They’re most desirable for double doors and extravagant entryways. It’s a simple way to upgrade the look of entry wood doors.

Implementing Wood Carvings

If carvings are a priority for your custom wood door, keep in mind the best wood species to choose from. Mahogany, red oak, white oak, and cedar are some of the best wood species for wood carvings.

These materials won’t split or crack in the process. Once the design is complete, you’re left with gorgeous one-of-a-kind details engraved in the wood.

Additional Unique Features to Include

A customized door isn’t complete with additional components. Once you establish the door’s foundation, remember these extra features.

Unique Glass Options

Glass is one of the best features for doors to expand natural light and increase the elegance of the door’s composition.

Rain glass has pockets of bubbled glass that resemble rain’s movement. Reeded glass is a modern geometric glass presented in vertical ridges. Taffeta glass is a free-flowing, swirled glass designed for a lavish appearance with subtle movement.

You can incorporate these glass designs in a couple of ways. First, consider sidelight windows. They’re the vertical pieces of glass placed on either side of the door.

If you want to let in more natural light, incorporate transom windows, as well. They’re typically above the door and match the sidelight features. Both additions create a cohesive and elegant design that brings more natural light into the home.

Wrought Iron Elements

Wrought iron is a personalized feature that adds a medieval aesthetic blended with modernity to homes. More modern designs consist of very bold, straight lines. It creates geometric order and establishes a sleek entryway. The bars can run vertically across the glass in the center, with natural wood surrounding the area. Or perhaps you choose to combine horizontal and vertical lines that cross over one another for a detailed, contemporary design.

The classical wrought iron designs integrate key elements such as curves, swirls, arrows, and straight lines to create a one-of-a-kind arrangement. In most cases, contractors install wrought iron over the glass. The configuration establishes a rustic antique aesthetic that pairs flawlessly with natural wood.

Contact Nick’s Building Supply for Customized Wood Entry Doors

Custom wood doors can be as intricate or as simple as you wish. That’s the beauty of Nick’s Building Supply’s custom-made exterior doors. It’s your ideal destination for choosing the type of wood, carving details, door shape, and unique glass customizations you desire for your entry door.

You’ll undoubtedly feel satisfied with the design of your choice when you search for a custom door through Nick’s Building Supply.

How To Choose the Right Kind of Wood for Your Custom Doors