Why You Must Replace Worn Weather Stripping Around Doors

Weather stripping is a valuable form of insulation used around windows and doors. Nevertheless, it’s not a permanent solution. Most weather stripping will last for two to three years. Over time, the material can break, crack, or separate from the frame.

When you notice wear on your door, it’s time to make a change. Read about the reasons why you must replace worn weather stripping around doors.

Reduces Unwanted Airflow

Are there noticeable drafts lingering around your doors? Weather stripping is a strong barrier that prevents unwanted air from entering the house. However, if the weather stripping cracks or wears out, air will seep through.

New weather stripping isn’t only beneficial for keeping your home at the desired temperature. It can also lower energy costs. Replacing this form of insulation is an effective way to keep outside air out and maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

Prevents Water From Seeping Into the House

Air isn’t the only element that can enter the house due to worn weather stripping. Water is another concern you must watch out for.

As weather stripping breaks down, cracks, or peels away from the door, water is more likely to trickle into the house. This may leave pools of water on the floor and around the doorframe, compromising the quality of the flooring inside, the door, and the doorframe.

Prevents Warping or Rotting in the Doorframe and Door

If water seeps into the house, it’s also seeping into the doorframe and the door. Wood is susceptible to warping and rotting due to excessive moisture. Worn-down weather stripping won’t protect the wood from these damages.

Installing weather stripping will prevent you from having to replace the door or doorframe, so be proactive and replace the weather stripping ahead of time!

Round-top exterior doors are custom-designed doors that you don’t want to damage! Replacing worn weather stripping around doors is the best way to safeguard the unique exterior wood doors you love.