A Guide To Understanding the Types of Wooden Doors

As you update various components of your house, you never thought you’d hit a wall when picking out wooden doors for the property. It’s more challenging than you expected it to be!

Nonetheless, there is an easier way to discover exactly what you need. Read this guide to understand the types of wooden doors and become an expert in picking the perfect wood doors for your home!

The Truth About Hollow Core Doors

Many people love hollow core doors due to their lightweight materials and affordable nature. While they resemble wood, they aren’t made from wood at all. Instead, it’s a cardboard interior paired with a fiberboard or veneer exterior that simulates natural wood.

However, hollow core doors are more susceptible to damage and have poor soundproofing qualities. They provide an incredible appearance that resembles wood and looks great when you need several doors throughout the home’s interior. However, if you’re searching for natural, high-quality wood, hollow core doors are most likely not the best choice.

The Primary Types of Wooden Doors

Perhaps you think all wooden doors look the same and assume the composition is the same too. When it comes down to picking a door—whether it’s an exterior or an interior door—you’ll choose between these two options.

Solid Wood Doors

Whether you need a door inside or outside, solid wood doors are always a favorite choice. They’re desirable because of their gorgeous appearance, and they’re great for soundproofing and security purposes.

However, a downside is that wood doors are more inclined to rot or warp due to moisture or insect infestations. It’s crucial to properly seal and treat wood doors so they last a long time.

Solid Core Doors

A strong yet affordable option to choose from is a solid core door. Instead of a hollow center or an entire block of wood, there’s a piece of durable fiberboard inside with a wooden frame exterior. Fiberboard is a form of engineered wood made from wood and synthetic wood materials.

The engineered component is excellent for both interior and exterior doors because it’s strong and more resistant to water and rotting than all-natural wood. Solid core doors are more affordable than solid wood doors because they are made with a blend of natural and manufactured wood rather than purely natural components. The combination retains properties of durability and minimal maintenance.

Popular Types of Wood Materials for Doors

Solid wood and solid core doors are both amazing options! Now, it’s time to discover more about the various wood species available. Every type of wood has unique properties that will suit each home differently. It’s best to understand the most popular kinds so you can choose the best door for your home’s interior or exterior.


Mahogany is a high-end wood species that is nonporous and easily customizable. It’s one of the most favorable wood species on the market!

The reddish-brown hues paired with an even grain portray natural elegance. With a little coat of polish, the wood will glimmer in the light. It’s a timeless material that holds its value.


When you’re searching for a material into which you can incorporate unique carvings, oak is one of the best choices available. There are two kinds of oak wood to choose from: red and white. They have different properties, so it’s important to know the differences before choosing one over the other.

Red oak is a hardwood that’s very heavy and sturdy. It’s a great option as an entry door because of its strength and natural toughness. Plus, it has a gorgeous grain pattern that makes it incredibly attractive. However, it’s not as durable as its counterpart.

White oak has similar properties to mahogany. The water-resistant feature is one of the most desirable aspects buyers adore. It’s less likely to succumb to rot and damage from insects.


There’s a good chance you have another item inside your home made from maple wood. It has an alluring natural grain that’s irresistible! The original color of maple is a light tan, but it’s easy to stain the material to achieve another look. With available stains from dark brown to cherry red, you’re sure to find a suitable one.

Choosing a Style of Door

From the types of wooden doors to understanding the various wood species, you’re on the right track to choosing the doors for your house! To complete your knowledge, find out about some available styles you can choose from.

Paneled Doors

Paneled doors are a classic modern style sure to fit the interior or exterior of any home. Instead of a slab of one piece of wood, there are individual panels on the door. It adds dimension to the simplest door design.

The panels range from three to six, and they’re arranged either horizontally or vertically. Modern homeowners adore this design because it’s minimal yet detailed. The versatility of paneled doors is sure to complement a diverse group of homes.

Dutch Doors

A Dutch door is a style that’s uncommon nowadays. However, it’s time for this statement door to make a comeback!

Imagine a stable of horses and a family farmhouse nearby. Odds are you’ll see a Dutch door in that mental image. Dutch doors have a horizontal split in the center that allows you to open the top half while the bottom half of the door is shut.

The detailed design makes them excellent as entry doors. Leave the bottom section locked but open the top to let in fresh air and sunshine while the children and pets roam safely in the house. You can even install a screen on the door so you don’t let bugs in the house during the warmer seasons!

French Doors

French doors are great for doors to the patio, entry doors, and even the entrance to the dining room! Nevertheless, the versatility of French doors is only the beginning of why homeowners love this style so much.

Since it’s a pair of identical doors that incorporate both wood and glass, there are numerous customizations available. You can implement antique-colored glass to brighten the room or frosted glass for more privacy. Perhaps you want to customize the size of the glass within the door or add detailed carvings to the wood.

The opportunities are endless! Whether you’re looking to achieve a modern aesthetic, implement rustic characteristics, or make your home resemble a vintage cottage, there’s a French door readily available for your home.

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A Guide To Understanding the Types of Wooden Doors