3 Tips for Replacing a Damaged Panel on a Wood Door

Paneled doors are popular for interior and exterior doors. The panels add depth to the average piece of wood but endure splits, chips, fading, and rotting over time. Excessive moisture and changing temperatures usually cause these issues. The panels may succumb to these impairments and need restoration. Read our three tips for replacing a damaged panel on a wood door to assist you in this endeavor!

The Tools for the Job

It’s crucial to have the correct tools at your side when starting this project. The first step is to remove the wooden frame around the panels. You’ll need a hammer, chisel, and a pry bar. When you’re ready to cut out the existing panels, you’ll need a drill and a jigsaw.

How To Carefully and Efficiently Remove Each Panel

Remove the wooden frame around the panels first. This will give you ample space to remove the panels in the following step.

You might assume you must exert immense force when removing the frames. The trick with this job is to be gentle. Use the hammer and chisel to tap the chisel lightly underneath the frame. Then, use the pry bar to raise the frame gradually.

If your goal is to reuse the panels, move slowly underneath the frame to lift them. You’ll want to avoid moving too quickly or aggressively; otherwise, you risk damaging the frame and potentially other aspects of the door.

Utilize the drill and the jigsaw to remove the damaged wooden panels. Drill a hole at each end of the panel to create a location for the jigsaw blade to cut through the wood. Follow the grain so you don’t cut too much or too little during this process.

What Can You Replace the Panels With?

Now that the damaged panels are gone, consider the materials that will replace them. If you want your door’s appearance to remain the same, place unscathed pieces of wood into the empty space. Add the proper finish to make the door look good as new! This method works perfectly on exterior or Dutch-style interior doors.

Perhaps you’re ready to incorporate a new style! Consider implementing pieces of glass to bring new life to the door! Tempered and laminated glass are the two most durable types to choose from. You can select unique styles like frost, rain, or ornate glass for additional character.

When conducting a job like a panel replacement, it’s important to take your time. Think about the style you hope to achieve, and get your tools ready for the job. Once you have everything in place, you’re ready to replace the damaged panel on your wooden door!