The Different Styles of Interior Doors

Home renovations present the perfect opportunity to reimagine every part of a house. One detail that often has a profound impact on a home’s appeal is the state of the interior doors. Many of us don’t think of doors first when it comes to picking upgrades. However, refreshing the style of interior doors in your home has many subtle benefits. A new door often makes rooms feel more refined and can change how light enters the rooms as well. It all depends on the different styles of interior doors you choose, and there are many, to say the least!

Flush Doors

Flush doors are possibly the least complex variety among the options available. Typically, they are either a simple slab or have an arrangement of panels that create a simple design. However, what makes them different from panel doors is evident in their name. Flush doors don’t have raised or lowered sections in any panel design. All their sections are even, creating a smooth and flush surface.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a very affordable sort of door due to its simplistic looks and construction. Despite the price tag, flush doors are still an attractive upgrade to homeowners looking to embrace a more minimalist look. With an increased interest in simplistic designs, it’s no wonder that they’re so popular today.

Single-Panel Doors

When it comes to low-key beauty, single-panel doors and flush doors are close relatives. A single-panel door also features a primarily plain, flat surface. However, the difference is in the inclusion of a single-panel that it features prominently. Most of the door’s face has an indented section except for a trim section that makes up the perimeter of the panel.

Typically, the panel is a simple square face, but it can also feature elaborate grooves for a more decorative edge between the indent and frame. Additionally, some of these doors feature more creative panels that include extra cuts and angles or even arched shapes. All the various options make for quite an attractive door that still has a uniquely minimalist appeal.

Multi-Panel Doors

Beyond single-panel doors, there are multi-panel doors. Most people are already familiar with the idea of doors that have more than one panel. Typically, panel quantities range from one to six. Generally, homes will have a matching set of whichever multi-panel door style the homeowner selects, though this isn’t necessary.

Ultimately your choices of paneled doors come down to the decorating needs of a space. Like single-panel doors, multi-panel doors can also have very decorative panels that include unusual shapes and ornately engraved grooves, along with trim. Typically, the designers use indented panels, though raised ones do still exist. Occasionally, extra-decorative panels may include varying sections of raised and lowered layers for an interesting look.

Shaker Doors

When it comes to a rustic and traditional aesthetic, Shaker doors are one of the best options. Shaker doors are most popular in the kitchen, where houses often have cabinet drawers and door faces featuring Shaker designs. What makes a door specifically Shaker style is—you guessed it—the arrangement of indented paneling.

The panel must be square or rectangular and must sit symmetrically in a central part of the door. The edges are almost always a straight cut as well, and they generally don’t feature an engraving of any kind. Often, the panels stack vertically and evenly up the door’s face, creating a ladder effect. It’s a simple, beautiful, and elegant look whose popularity has easily endured the test of time.

French Doors

Ask anyone what their favorite variety of doors is or, at the very least, the fanciest door type they can think of. Many people will answer that it’s French doors without skipping a beat. The reason for this is no mystery; French-style doors feature amazing styling. What makes them so wonderfully beautiful is their delicate use of glass.

While many doors feature wood panels, French doors use a series of glass windowpanes between delicate trimmings of wood. The effect is a beautiful mixture of glass and wood. Manufacturers also paint the latter material white to create an even brighter and more delicate look. If your home is sorely in need of more natural light, French doors are the easiest, the liveliest, and the best choices. They also simply look stunning.

Arched Doors

Our list of the different styles of interior doors would hardly be complete if we didn’t mention the majesty of arched doors! Due to their irregular shape, arched doors will usually arrive as pre-hung wood interior doors. Even so, it’s not at all difficult to install one. You just need to brace the edges where the corners would be with diagonal pieces of wood to make up for the otherwise loss of support.

If more people realized how easy they were to install, we’d all enjoy these remarkable doors in more and more homes across the country. As their name suggests, arched doors are unique because of their curved, rather than square, upper halves. Their look is reminiscent of ancient castles and grand cathedrals. For those searching for a creative twist on the minimalist look, more simplistic styles are available that are suitable for traditional stucco or humble missionary-style homes.

Carved Doors

Here at Nick’s Building Supply, one of our specialties is the carved door. Often, we base our designs on single- or door-panel styles, and we use only the finest materials, such as mahogany. The panels we create aren’t simple indents, however. Instead, each carved door features an incredible and ornate relief image within the panel’s frame. For those who want to impress with their interior decorating tastes, the unique artistry of a carved door is ideal.

Nick’s Building Supply has been masterfully crafting beautiful solid wood doors for over thirty-five years. We carry a wide selection of handsome stock models in many styles for interior and exterior use. We let you choose from a selection of elegant woods, such as cedar, knotty alder, mahogany, and maple as well. When you contact us, you can also ask about the variety of custom options we offer on all our doors. Reach out to us today to discuss the needs of your construction project or home renovation.

The Different Styles of Interior Doors