Everything You Need To Know About Solid Wood Doors

While we may not think about them often, the doors in our homes say a lot about us. Different styles, materials, and hardware all make up our cohesive vision of a beautiful home. However, many of us live with standard doors or even low-quality and synthetic types. They contribute nothing to the beauty of our spaces, which begs the question—why settle for less when you use and look at them every day? For anyone still on the fence about investing in a fresh look, we are happy to share everything you need to know about solid wood doors.

Unrivaled Beauty

One of the greatest benefits of a proper solid wood door is beauty. Most doors on the market are synthetic or are made of cheaper wood species or cuts. Since neither takes a quality finish well, you’re stuck with a boring, painted-over door or a cheap finish that will wear off quickly. Real hardwood on the other hand is naturally tough against weather damage and takes finishes and stains marvelously. At Nick’s Building Supply, we carry a broad selection of choice wood species that are grown and responsibly harvested here in the U.S.

Choose from amazing species such as teak, knotty alder, mahogany, and cedar. Each species has a unique visual texture and rich colors. Once the finish of your choice is added, the wood beneath veritably glows with depth and beauty. When it comes to a simply outstanding-looking entryway, there is no getting around the perfection that is solid wood.

Low Maintenance

One of the biggest fallacies about wooden doors is the suggestion that they will warp or rot away. Anyone that works with quality would know this is absurd. It takes years for even raw wood to show significant weather damage due to absorption of moisture—and even how this can be seen differs by species. Your new door will be finished with a stain and polish, both of which work in tandem to repel moisture for years to come.

When the polish does finally wear down, that doesn’t mean your door is suddenly ruined. Since it’s real wood, it’s easy to re-stain, re-polish, or even just touch up to maintain the water barrier. Furthermore, we build our doors from species, such as teak, which are beautiful in addition to containing natural oils that repel weathering effects. Weather-resistant species are often used to create outdoor patio furniture and even unfinished, this tough wood will hold up and retain its beauty for years.

Basic Care Tips

As noted, hardwood doors require little care. If you want to ensure your door lasts as long as it can, upkeep couldn’t be simpler. For serious DIY fans, the best way to guarantee a long life is to wipe down the door and refresh the polish each year.

Sand around the areas where you notice moisture affecting the finish. In small areas of wear, the stain can be daubed on with a rag. Then, seal the wood again with your choice of a weatherproof seal. Realistically though, wood doors shouldn’t need much more than a touch-up or a wipe down every few years.

Real Longevity

Besides being easy to care for, wooden doors last a very long time. Often people pretend that this traditional material is somehow inferior to new-fangled and unnatural ones. Yet there are wooden doors on many of the oldest structures in history. With minimal effort, there is very little reason for a wooden door to absorb water at all, let alone enough to cause significant damage.

Real wood doors can last decades. Nick’s Building Supply carries quality hardwood species, which for the average home should last thirty to sixty years, if not more. Other materials can’t be repaired or resealed once they succumb to age and simply fall apart after twenty years or less. When wood is damaged, it can almost always be worked on and restored to its perfect appearance.

More Customizable

There are few materials more forgiving and flexible than wood. Virtually anything can be achieved using this amazing material. Just take a look at our online door store to see what we mean! Besides different species, we offer an array of intricate and decorative paneling and window styles. Different types of hardware in many finishes and metal materials are also available.

We carry different sizes of doors as well as entry different layouts. Explore our selection of single and double doors and single or double side lights. When it comes to sidelights, you can even choose to add hinges allowing these panels to open independently. You’ll never try and squeeze new furniture through a single door entryway again. We can even turn any door into a Dutch style. Our approach is modular, allowing us to custom construct your perfect door quickly on demand.

Better for the Environment

For many people, everything you need to know about solid wood doors comes from the ecological factor. Why fill up junkyards and landfills with a cheap synthetic door that rots out every ten years? The current mindset is ever moving towards a more green-responsible approach to everyday living. Included in this change is the need to make our homes cleaner for the environment by design. It all starts with using real material.

As mentioned, our doors are already made from green-conscious groves of sustainable species. We harvest responsibly and maintain a focus on every part of an entryway consisting of long-lasting material that won’t hurt nature. Even our fixtures come in options such as copper, brass, and wrought iron. While it’s not likely you’ll ever need to replace one of our doors anytime soon, you can rest easy knowing that when the time comes it won’t come at a cost to the planet.

Nick’s Building Supply has been in the business of quality for over thirty years. When it comes to building with beautiful, long-lasting, and sustainable wood species, we have the experience. Our specialty is in making gorgeous entryways perfect for construction projects looking to add a unique gem to their home. Let us tailor-make your new door to your exact specifications.

Choose your wood species, hardware options, finish, and other detail such as sidelights and window panels. Alternatively, we also carry an array of ready-to-go doors for shoppers looking for quick turnarounds. Reach out today and speak with one of our trained experts about the needs of your next building and renovation project.

Everything You Need To Know About Solid Wood Doors