What Are Shaker Style Doors?

When it comes to choosing your next solid wood interior door, choosing just one style is very tough. With so many beautiful varieties and materials to choose from, making a decision is sometimes a bit overwhelming. However, some options have remained top sellers since their early creation.

One style, in particular, is practically synonymous with kitchen doors and cabinets without many people even realizing what it is. As a result, when looking for interior doors, many people have to ask, “What are shaker style doors?” For anyone in the market for simple, subtle, and luxurious doors, look no further than this impressive traditional style!

What Is the Shaker Style?

This style is defined by truly simplistic design choices. The entire idea behind the look was to produce quality furniture without an excess of beveling, engraving, and adding veneers. Typically, shaker doors are a solid slab of wood that’s either stained a modest hue or painted over in a single solid color, such as plain white. The faces of doors in this style generally feature a single indented panel with an even span of trim surrounding it.

The Origins of Shaker Style Doors

If you’re not sure what shaker style doors are or where they came from, don’t worry. Like mission doors and many other mainstream styles, their origins are often lost in the fine details. Shaker doors, like many other styles, came from a community of dedicated crafters. In this case, the name comes directly from the Shakers, an offshoot community originating from the Quakers.

The nickname is a shortened version of “shaking Quakers,” which was used to describe the group due to their unusual movements while praying ecstatically. The shakers wanted to make a simple and beautiful design that relied on quality materials rather than salesman tricks and special effects. History tells us they succeeded in this, as this style is now popular across the nation, especially for kitchen furnishings.

On kitchen doors, shaker style sometimes crosses paths with mission or artisan-style doors. Rather than one panel, some shaker doors feature evenly-spaced rectangular panels climbing up the surface like a ladder. At Nick’s Building Supply, we carry a wide array of attractive shaker style and craftsman styles, including mahogany entry doors. Explore our selection and find the perfect interior door for your renovation project.