The 3 Best Stain Colors for Alder Wood Doors

Few species of wood have the exquisite detail found in alder. Knotty alder, in particular, is highlighted with deep swirling grains and amazing symmetrical knots. It has a unique look that’s truly vibrant—all it needs to become the perfect entryway door is the right finish. Fortunately, the choice isn’t hard as the best stain colors for alder leave a lot of room for customization. Since knotty alder is a lighter-toned wood, rich yellows, reds, and browns all look stunning with it.

The Luxury of Gold Stains

Here at Nick’s Building Supply, when it comes to rustic wood entry doors, gold is our preferred color. Alder looks stunning in rich, light tones. Golden stains tend to richly highly the depth of the grains, making doors made of this wood truly shine.

The heavier streaks of grain and the knots tend to pick up light stains much darker than the surrounding wood. The result is sweeping earthy-toned marks and knots that stand out remarkably. It’s the perfect look for cabins and homes looking for a traditional and down-to-earth style.

A Rich Range of Reds

Typically, red-toned stains are reserved for very special types of wood and very specific styles of decorating. Red lacquer is the traditional material used by the royalty of ancient China, so it has a legacy. Cherry has a long legacy of wealth and status. In the west, the latter is best known for its acceptance of this vibrant tone—so much so that stains found in hardware stores are often simply labeled as cherry.

Alder, however, is light and creamy wood with just a hint of peach in the darker areas. As such, it takes red stains remarkably well, especially compared to other wood species, which tend to shift their red towards brown due to their natural hues.

Exploring Earth Tones

Earthy hues and browns are a safe bet for most woods, so naturally, it’s one of the best stain colors for alder wood. For those looking for a truly luxurious entryway, head straight for the mahogany stains. Alder takes on even the darkest browns beautifully, and it’s possible to achieve a really special look. The highly visible light grains of alder wood turn the darkest stain into a vibrant chocolate color.

Some creative mixes that work well include green, grey, and even retro, orange-tinted stains. It’s well worth the time to explore your stain options since alder wood looks good in a huge variety of colors.