The Fascinating History of Dutch Doors

Few types of doors are quite so instantly recognizable as the Dutch door. Images of lush farmlands, cozy cottages, and summertime often spring to mind when people spot one of these handsome doors. Most people don’t realize the cultural importance and long history behind them. The fascinating history of Dutch doors is a story about adaptive living and the creative way early builders developed their construction styles and methods.

What Is a Dutch Door?

For the most part, these attractive doors need no introduction. Many people are familiar whether they know it or not as these doors often find their way onto movie sets and animation scenery. What makes them so amazing for such applications is the same thing that made them useful to their original designers.

Dutch doors come in many materials, shapes, and sizes, but they all have one detail in common: a divide roughly across the center mark. With an upper and lower latch and handle, the top and bottom of a Dutch door can swing independently of each other. The result lets homeowners transform their door into a part-time window at will.

The Early Days

The fascinating history of Dutch doors begins deep in the heart of the Netherlands during the 17th century. Times were simpler and many folks lived quiet rural lives working on and around farms. As culture and civilization continued to adapt and grow, so did architecture. The rustic beauty of these homes strongly reflected the land and people.

Besides the style of homes, features also needed to reflect the basic needs of living comfortably in the countryside. The purpose of Dutch doors was to maximize sunshine and fresh air entering a home while maintaining a barrier against dust and dirt blowing in. Additionally, these doors helped farmers keep animals out and kids in.

Dutch Doors Today

Ultimately, Dutch doors would make their way to the states as settlers from the Netherlands brought their building traditions with them. Today, Dutch doors for sale are easy to find at construction supply companies around the world.

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