What is a Transom for a Door?

What is a Transom for a Door?

The world is full of innovative, creative, and beautiful door designs. Across the lands and throughout time, woodworkers and architects have designed many entryway solutions that can be seen in buildings of all ages and styles. Most modern homes feature a type of single door or a door accompanied by a sidelight on one or both sides. 

Besides this though, window panels can appear both within the door and above it. All these variations serve to take better advantage of natural lighting despite having different features and looks. The result is often confusion on the part of the average homeowners scrolling through different selections. As such, What is a transom for a door?” isn’t an uncommon question.

What is a Transom?

Like a sidelight, a transom refers to a type of window. Often this similarity alone is enough to make people ask, “What is a transom for a door?” The difference is this feature is above the door. Transoms serve the purpose of allowing more sunlight in, so they’re most effective over doors that receive sunlight for long periods of time.

The defining feature of a transom is a crossbar horizontal to the door frame which divides the transom from the rest of the door. In other words, they tend to be framed on their own and have very distinct visual lines that separate them from other features. In some door or home designs, transoms are part of the structural integrity. The addition of a horizontal wood or iron bar adds a great deal of support to the surrounding entryway and wall.

The Benefits of a Transom

Besides allowing in more light, transom can be very attractive. While many basic versions can be found on rectangular sections of clear plexiglass, there are many more interesting styles. Windows of this type are easily found in an array of panel shapes and cuts. Some are even heavily ornate, featuring cut glass, stained glass details, metal trim, and more. In most cases transoms are decorative and are especially popular in handsome varieties such as mahogany wood doors exterior options.

Finally, transoms can be very convenient. In more practical settings, it’s not uncommon to see over-the-door windows which feature hinges. Typically, hinged versions are used for safely out of reach open windows to allow more air in without letting pets or kids out.

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