The Benefits of Solid Wood Interior Doors

Like most interior design projects, selecting the ideal interior entryway for your home isn’t as simple as browsing through a catalog. While many doors exist on the market, some of the most coveted come from wood, with the sturdiest made from solid wood. Usually seen as part of the exterior entrance to a dwelling, you should know a few things about the benefits of solid wood interior doors.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Solid interior doors have an unmatched aesthetic that many homeowners won’t find in hollow core or engineered doors. Their classic, exquisite appearance adds value and elegance to your residence’s interior and can withstand coats of paint should you want a shade that aligns with your interior properties.

Energy Efficient

These kinds of entryways provide much more insulation so that rooms stay regulated at their desired temperatures. To further enhance their strength, homeowners usually add a layer of paint or varnish so that their wood doors remain unaffected by the temperature change.

Wood interior doors are also soundproof, so it would take a great deal of effort for noise to travel into a residence. Their soundproofing advantage adds a level of privacy to settings other than homes, like offices and clinics.


Interior doors and frames made of solid wood are naturally heavier and sturdier than other materials. Wood is a fantastic weather-resistant material that prevents the accumulation of rust that you would see on aluminum or metal entryways.

Given this trait, wooden doors require minimal maintenance to keep them looking their best throughout the year.

More Dependable

Due to the weighty structure of wood doors, burglars tend to have more trouble breaking into homes with exterior wood doors. Having a door made of solid wood can slow an unwanted guest’s progress throughout your home, especially when the door is locked. Solid wood is also more resistant to fire, lasting longer in flames despite eventually burning.

There are benefits to solid wood interior doors that aid them in reigning superior to other entryways. Since wood is the most ecological material, its renewable resource qualities also make for an excellent addition to your home.

At Nick’s Building Supply, we craft high-quality entryways that strive to exceed your expectations. Our vast collection of doorways includes eye-catching, prehung wood interior doors that would contribute to your home’s aesthetic.