Bugs Out: Can a Dutch Door Have a Screen?

Dutch doors are famous for their dual functionality. These entryways offer a unique way of distinguishing between the inside of your residence and the outside without depriving you of a warm ray of sunshine or crisp fall breeze.

However, some homeowners enjoy the perks of a screen door because it has similar qualities to that of a Dutch door. So, why not have the best of both worlds? Can a Dutch door have a screen ?

Dutch Door History

Before getting into the nitty-gritty details, it’s essential to specify some of the ins and outs of Dutch-style doors.

Dutch entryways divide horizontally into two parts. This unique feature allows the bottom portion of the door to remain closed while the top remains open. Upon closing the door, the entrance gives the illusion of a solid entry. They add personality to a home’s exterior while also acting as an alternative to an interior door.

Vanishing Screen Additions

Dutch doors allow airflow to come into the home—however, such an open amount of space can expose a home to insects, dust, and debris.

In this case, many homeowners opt for adding a vanish screen attachment to their Dutch door. This screen mitigates the number of bugs and other unwanted critters that could come into the home.

Benefits of a Vanishing Screen

No matter how large the frame or entrance is, a vanishing screen can fit your Dutch door. While a vanishing screen functions the same as a regular screen door, it also can be pulled down and retracted. It blends well into your door system to give your entryway one solid appearance.

To answer your question, yes—a Dutch door can have a screen. Furthermore, adding a vanishing screen to your entryway is a fantastic way to protect your home from invading bugs or debris.

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