The Benefits of Carved Wood Doors vs. Stock Doors

Believe it or not, some homeowners believe that “a door is just a door.” Some give in to the idea that browsing for an exterior or interior entryway is a tedious task. It shouldn’t require much thought other than just to fit the home’s aesthetic, right? We’re here to tell you that although taking the extra time to browse through door options, makers and manufacturers may seem time-consuming, the extra time you spend on decision-making can make a difference.

When looking at your options, carved wood doors and stock doors are the two main categories to choose from. Knowing the differences between these two types of wood entries can help you make a well-formulated and calculated decision. That said, why not get started on learning about the benefits of carved wood doors vs. stock doors?

Carved Wood Door Benefits

Custom wooden doors can be massive projects that take the most time. Not only are you searching for the ideal entryway to complete your dwelling, but you may have a specific vision of what you’d like to see in your doors, and the stock selection isn’t cutting it. But have no fear! Here are some of the main benefits of this option:

Benefit #1: Very Customizable

Often, carved wood doors require the expertise of a highly-skilled craftsman or door maker. These professionals know the ins and outs of wooden doors, and a consultation with one can help you map out your creative vision and bring it to life.

Consulting a professional door maker will put you at the forefront of the decision-making since they’ll ask you about preferred wood type, design, special features, and even hardware to pull the final look together. You can expect the entire process to take time since experts may not move to the next step in the crafting process without running drafts by you before starting.

This crucial step ensures that you remain in the loop at all times. The door maker will listen and fulfill all your requests to the best of their ability.

Benefit #2: Excellent Insulation Properties

Since your involvement in your custom door’s creation is extensive, you can expect the entryway to have superior qualities, all thanks to the wood species. Selecting a wood type allows you to look at all options and learn the pros and cons of each.

For example, woods like cedar, spruce, pine, and fir are excellent choices that are energy efficient and prevent drafts from coming through gaps.

Benefit #3: Unmatched Quality of Work That Makes It Unique

As mentioned previously, custom wood doors are unique. They require the creative vision of the client and the unparalleled expertise of the craftsman to deliver a final product like no other. These professionals are experts in their field and will sculpt, scrape and sand down every feature on your door until it meets their high standard.

Benefit #4: Longer Life Span

When selecting the wood species for your custom door, another quality to keep in mind is the wood’s durability and how it contributes to the entry’s life span. Wood types like mahogany, maple, and walnut are all stunning hardwood types that carve well and hold their shape for years.

These wood types are also moisture resistant, meaning rot and decay can take years to show.

Stock Door Benefits

Stock doors are alternatives to consider, especially when homeowners are under time constraints during an upgrade or renovation. These entryways don’t require a customization process like that of a custom door. However, it’s nice to know what advantages stock doors bring to the table.

Benefit #1: Natural Aesthetic

Stock doors have a natural aesthetic that fits most houses. While appearing plainer at first glance, these entryways have small, attractive details in their woodwork that you can still admire. You can always apply a varnish or layer of paint to highlight features and add an extra touch to your door to boost its appearance.

Benefit #2: High Energy Efficiency

Naturally, wood is a fantastic insulator. Whether you choose a stock door or a custom, carved alternative, your home will reap the benefits if they’re made from wood. Wooden doors throughout a home can regulate room temperatures all year round and lower utility costs.

Remember to choose a weather-treated option, as you’ll want the door to last for quite some time.

Benefit #3: Readily Available

Stock doors are pretty straightforward; the time between picking the ideal door and having it installed in your home is relatively shorter since the supplier has plenty of the same entryway made. Keep in mind that these options may not be as customizable as custom doors, given their mass production.

Benefit #4: More Affordable Than Carved Doors

Stock doors can be more affordable for most homeowners than their carved counterparts. Since the supplier has a template made of how they want their product to look, there is no customization process involved on the client’s part. This means that stock doors require less labor and attention to detail.


While stock doors may not be as flexible as customizable doors, given their mass production, this type of entry can be the best option for some with a tighter budget. As for carved wooden doors, this option requires more time and patience considering the customization and crafting process. However, you can guarantee that the final product will be high quality and cater to your every specification and request.

In the end, there are no wrong choices to make in door selection. Weighing out the full benefits of carved doors vs. stock wood doors can take a while. When it comes down to the decision that’s best for your home, the best entryway for your residence will always be the option that fits within your budget, complements your home’s aesthetic, and leaves you satisfied.

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The Benefits of Carved Wood Doors vs. Stock Doors