How To Choose the Best Wood for Your Front Door

The architectural style of your home is one of the first things guests and neighbors will notice upon viewing, with your front door being the star. A striking exterior entrance can make for a fantastic, lasting impression. While there are many imitations, nothing withstands the sands of time the way that natural wood does. In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the best wood for your front door to give your residential appearance a classic look.

Exposure and Direction

The direction an entryway faces can narrow down your options during a renovation. Doorways that face north or northwest and have an overhang are generally safe from many hours of sunlight. By exposing your door to long hours of light, the wood can run the risk of fading over time.

Doors facing southwest usually face this challenge and may require more touchups and refinishes, as fading is more common.

The best wood to withstand weather changes, rot, and wear is mahogany. Its savory red tone can absorb sunlight better than others; additionally, fading chances are far less than other wood types.


A sturdy front entrance will be dependable and stand firm against seasonal changes and decay, with minimal swelling. Walnut is a beautiful dark wood with rich chocolate coloring, and it works well to insulate a room. It also repels moisture that can contribute to warping and shrinking.


Hardwoods make for the go-to external door material, as they are tougher and more durable than softwood. However, there are many options to choose from, as they all have qualities that may appeal to your preferences.

Oak and mahogany are some of the most popular types of hardwood due to their durability and grain. Cherry and cedar are strong and dense and add a touch of class to your doorstep. Consider consulting a professional beforehand to get a feel for what wood species would fit your home’s style.

Design and Detail

Apart from the wood species, your front door should complement its surroundings. Having a craftsman assess the home’s architecture will give you an idea of what design works for the residence and the hardware they’ll need to finish the job.

Choosing the best wood for your front door is a step toward a home that you’ll admire and enjoy for generations to come. For a timeless carved wood front door, look no further than Nick’s Building Supply. Our craftsmen dedicate themselves to making the finest entryways that can complement your home’s exterior and interior.