Style: What Makes a Door a Craftsman Door?

Architectural history gave way to craftsman-style homes back in the 1860s upon the return of the British officers from India. The home features gable roofs, large or wrapped porches, wide doors, window casings, and exposed rafters. In addition, craftsman-style homes also feature distinguishable entryways that set them apart from most entries on the market. But what makes a door a craftsman door? Keep reading to learn more about their distinct characteristics and how to identify one.

Wood Type

Manufacturers traditionally use dark hardwoods like oak, mahogany, and cherry as a base when crafting these intricate entryways. Although these wood types are darker in hue, they still provide a soft appearance.


Perhaps the most distinguishable feature of this type of entryway, the design of a craftsman-style door includes the use of glass panels strategically placed within the door’s structure. The invention also incorporates wooden panels underneath that can extend downwards to the middle or bottom of the door.

As a finishing touch, a solid trim of the same wood type will encase the outside of the entire design. Some entry doors even include a dentil shelf, a ledge made with a row of blocks strategically placed underneath the glass panels.

Glass Panels

Craftsman-style doors are famous for utilizing glass panels within their design. These decorative glass additions allow light to come through and offer an intricate aesthetic with their beveled structure.


The additions don’t stop at glass panels! The build of a craftsman-style door involves the use of sidelites. These are detached strips that run on both sides of the door and have windows that allow more light to shine through.

In summation, the wood type, design, and incorporation of glass panels and sidelites make a door a craftsman door. These striking entryways are not exclusive to craftsman-style homes and can complement a wide variety of dwellings with their down-to-earth aesthetic.

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