The Proper Ways To Clean an Interior Oak Door

Oak is a fine wood species known for its highly durable and unique grain pattern. This type of wood is a fantastic option for furniture, cabinetry, and, of course, interior doors. Its workability allows it to complement many features within a home and takes well to many varnishes.

But how else do you keep your interior door looking its finest? Here are the proper ways to clean an interior oak door that take an entryway’s make into the highest consideration.

Dry Wipe

Using a clean, dry cloth, start by wiping the door down to remove any dust from the surface. Most light stains may also shake themselves off using this method. Remember to follow the direction of the wood grain than wiping across it to keep the dust from further gathering in the natural markings.

Water Cleanse

If a dry wipe down doesn’t appear to help, it’s time to put on your gloves and get to work! Dip a clean cloth into clean, warm water and wring it out thoroughly to remove the excess. Using the same cleaning motion, you can buff away the tougher stains.

Once you complete this step, you can focus on the bottom of the entryway and any hardware present in these areas that are prone to more dirt and grime due to high traffic.

Soap or Vinegar

If a water cleanse isn’t as efficient at stain removal, you might want to bring out the tougher solutions. Using a very mild detergent, add a small dash of the solution to your water—most of the time, one or two droplets of soap is all you need—then buff away those stubborn stains.

You can also combine a small drop of white vinegar and a dash of olive oil, which aids in stain removal and also works as an incredible shine booster to your door.

Remember to have an additional dry cloth available to wipe off excess moisture to avoid damaging your interior entryway.

Cleaning Hardware

After the primary cleaning, take a paintbrush to clean out those hard-to-reach areas like gaps, cracks, hardware, and trim to ensure that every spot receives attention. Afterward, dry with a clean cloth.

Following these ways to clean an interior oak door properly allows you to show care and appreciation for your home and the many elements that create its structure. The more care put into a door’s maintenance, the fewer chances the material has to disintegrate and succumb to rot.

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