5 New Uses for Tired Worn-Out Wood Doors

Wood doors can last a long time, but not forever. Your door could endure a crack during a tough storm or fade after years of exposure to sunlight. When it’s time to upgrade your exterior door, don’t let the old one go to waste. Try these new uses for tired, worn-out wood doors for a lovely, fresh addition to your home.

Hang the Door as a Piece of Art

You want to repurpose your door, but you don’t know how to repurpose it. The simplest way is to give the door new life by hanging it up as a piece of wall decor. The door possesses the natural beauty of the wood’s grain and intricate details. It’s a one-of-a-kind art piece to enhance your home’s rustic aesthetic.

Transform the Door Into a Picture Frame

Families love to showcase their memories and love for one another. There’s no better way to do that than to hang up picture frames across the house. The trick to creating a picture frame is to use only the frame of the door. The photographs will stick onto the pieces of glass and fit effortlessly.

If you don’t have glass windows on the door, don’t worry! You can use a jigsaw to remove the door’s panels, then insert the glass. Another option is to glue photo-hanging clips on the center of each panel. It’s a quick and easy project with a gorgeous result.

Make a New Table

A door’s flat surface and shape are a perfect fit for a table. After fixing up the wood to ensure it’s safe to eat on, you’ll need to focus on the base of the table.

There are many different designs for the legs of a table. Picnic tables commonly use a crisscross pattern in the center or on each end of the wood for support. Classic dining tables install legs at each of the four corners. Take a look at the table and think about its future purpose. That will help you decide on the base design of your new table!

Compose a Corner Shelf

Homeowners are always looking for additional furniture for storage or to present their knickknacks and photographs. If you have a corner of the room that’s not large enough for a grand hutch, try turning your door into a corner shelf.

Cut the door in half at an angle and secure the pieces together to create a 90-degree angle. Take a few new pieces of wood to create the shelves themselves. Once the project is complete, you can display your favorite belongings in your office, living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

Create a Floating Shelf

You can never have enough storage! Floating shelves are a contemporary design that makes a room feel more open. They are used most often in kitchens to store gorgeous glasses and bowls, but you can put floating shelves all around the house.

Rustic wood entry doors don’t lose their charm even when they no longer function as doors. Try one of these new uses for worn-out wood doors to add a unique, custom piece to your home.