3 Ways To Combine Modern and Vintage Elements in the Home

You don’t have to follow the cookie-cutter interior design inspiration photos online. If you adore vintage pieces, don’t shy away from incorporating them into your home.

A home can be modern and vintage simultaneously. The trick is combining the two elements the right way! Use these three tips to start styling your home just how you’d like.

Set One Item as the Focal Point of the Space

Let’s get started arranging a room! First, think about what the focal point will be. It’s the feature that guests can’t draw their eyes away from.

Is it a large antique mirror or an extensive contemporary couch? Perhaps you want to show off a vintage cushioned chair in the living room. Maybe you found a stunning vintage hutch at a secondhand store that will find its home in the dining room.

Whichever item is your favorite, design the room around it. The focal point becomes the defining feature, and it can be a modern or vintage piece.

When you’re combining different elements in the home, balance and structure are the fundamental principles to follow. Deciding on the focal point gives you the power to establish symmetry and a meticulously composed space.

Decide Which Elements Are for Decor or for Functionality

On most occasions, new items are for the purpose of functionality. It’s a challenge to take old, worn-down antiques and make them ready to use repeatedly.

Items like kitchen tables, rugs, sofas, and chairs are most frequently bought new because it’s difficult to find sturdy vintage items that don’t require some work. Taking the time to refinish tables and nightstands or reupholster a chair is a trying task. Nevertheless, it’s worth the effort.

If refinishing items isn’t your style, vintage elements can have their moment to shine through the decor. Mirrors, art, secondhand picture frames, unusual knickknacks, and stunning side tables are each lovely pieces of decor to add to your home. It doesn’t take much effort to make your home look stylish and unique with these one-of-a-kind pieces.

Don’t Be Scared of Keeping Things Simple

The beauty of antiques is that they naturally speak volumes. You don’t need intricate items plastered across a room for guests to notice the vintage elements.

Less is more! Cluttering the room with too much will have an overwhelming and muddled effect on the mind. When you choose vintage pieces that truly complement a room’s color scheme and aesthetic, you won’t need to continuously add more.

A Final Thought To Achieve a Vintage yet Modern Home

Nothing feels more vintage than natural wood. An element you can buy new to supply that secondhand aesthetic is a mahogany solid wood entry door. With intricate windows and detailed carvings, it will make your home feel excellently classic.