5 Different Kinds of Interior Wood Doors

Interior doors are typically the last upgrade homeowners think about. Nevertheless, this action doesn’t diminish the importance of picking a prominent yet practical door. Read about the different kinds of interior wood doors to revitalize your home!

Panel Doors

Most contractors and homeowners choose panel doors when designing a home. The doors include one, two, four, or six panels on the surface. The raised pieces of wood surround either glass or wood to fill the space.

The design is available in many wood species, including oak, maple, and mahogany. The paneled details create a simple yet tasteful design that suits every door in the house.

Shaker Doors

Shaker doors resemble panel doors. The flat, rectangular edge frames an indentation in the center, and the clean lines showcase minimalistic features. This timeless design makes shaker doors suitable for multiple areas of the house, namely bedrooms and closets.

Bi-Fold Doors

Doors swing either into a room or hallway. In especially small spaces, a swinging door can reduce a room’s functionality.

Bi-fold doors slide open in opposite directions. You might use bi-fold doors for bedroom closets, kitchen pantries, or a storage closet in the hall. You can even use them to disguise the washer and dryer. They’re great space-saving solutions for many rooms in the house!

Dutch Door

Picture a door split in half horizontally. One section of the door opens while the other half remains locked in place. That’s the beauty of Dutch doors!

The ornate stable-inspired door isn’t only suitable as an exterior door. Dutch doors are also wonderful for laundry rooms, mudrooms, and kitchen pantries.

Dutch interior doors work especially well for children’s bedrooms. Leave the lower portion of the door shut and keep the door open so you can watch your child play from a distance.

While the commodity might appear outdated, you can find amazing Dutch doors for sale at Nick’s Building Supply. Choose from many different designs to find the right fit for your house.

French Doors

French doors can make any entrance extravagant. Homeowners typically place French doors at the entrance to the primary bedroom or to divide the living and dining rooms.

These doors typically use panels for enhanced depth and detailed design, which are also ideal for the privacy of bedrooms. Glass is a great insert for minimizing sound but retaining visibility between rooms.

When a home renovation is in order, keep these different kinds of interior wood doors in mind. Each door possesses unique purposes and immeasurable style.