3 Ways To Hang Things on a Wood Door Without Using a Nail

Owning a home means you have the power to make permanent decisions, but some people want to avoid everlasting changes. Nails are the most efficient tool to hang décor throughout the house. If you want to avoid using nails, try these three ways to hang things on wooden doors without them!

Self-Adhesive Strips or Hooks

Suppose you want to hang a seasonal sign or wreath on a wooden door. Fortunately, you can try this temporary method to protect the wood and support the décor. Self-adhesive strips stick to many surfaces without impairing the material underneath. The pulling mechanism at the base of the adhesive strip ensures a clean removal whenever the time comes.

You can stick adhesive strips on hooks to expand the possibilities with your doors. If you dislike the appearance of hooks, choose an inconspicuous design or one that matches the door.

Over-the-Door Hooks

Over-the-door hooks are perfect for hanging things on wooden doors. They’re ideal for hanging coats, purses, umbrellas, towels, and so much more! Two metal hooks latch atop the door and rest on the backside. Pick a slim hook to avoid damage to the wooden door or frame. You can hang anything on your wooden doors with this versatile option.

Poster Putty and Hooks

Suction cups are great for glass surfaces, but they don’t work well on wood. When you want to hang things on a wood door without using a nail, try poster putty attached to a hook!

Poster putty is a durable material that upholds lightweight décor. Put up a small picture frame with a hook secured by poster putty to make your wooden doors even more eye-catching.

An artfully crafted mission entry door is an investment. These nail alternatives are perfect for safeguarding your wooded doors while hanging stunning décor throughout the year.