Why Wood Garage Doors?

Wood garage doors were once prominent fixtures for most family homes across the United States. Advances in technology resulted in a decrease in popularity. Other types of garage doors, including aluminum and fiberglass took over. The advantage of these doors was they could easily be maneuvered by small devices. They could even be timed. These doors offered flexibility. As of late, they have even begun to be more aesthetically pleasing as well as utilitarian. Yet, wood garage doors do have certain advantages.

Advantages of Wood Garage Doors

When it comes to wood garage doors, anyone can proudly assert:

  • Even the garage doors are classy – perhaps even as classy as the residence
  • Wood garage doors can be stained easily and any individual can ensure the right patina is reached
  • The doors can also be painted to achieve the color desired. It can match the garage or contrast it. The color can also go with the colors of the house
  • While it is true wood garage doors need to be painted, it is also very easy to repaint them. If the color of the garage or the exterior of the house changes, you can simply use any extra paint left over on the garage door.
  • Let there be no doubt. When it comes to durability and weight, wooden garage doors rule.
  • If you have a wood garage door, you are less likely to have to worry about dents, bumps and scratches
  • It is not difficult to install a wood garage door. They are generally easiest to install, particularly if they are tilt-style.
  • Garage doors such as the tilt-style are affordable
  • Longevity is not an issue for wood garage doors as long as you provide them with proper maintenance.

Final Words on Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors do offer several advantages that other doors do not. This does not mean they lack issues. They do require proper maintenance or they will crack or warp. If not properly cared for, they will look shabby over time. Yet, there is little doubt that well-maintained wood garage doors add curb appeal to your home or business. Even when considering its disadvantages, wood has that intangible appearance that makes it so appealing to many people.

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