Solid Wooden Doors: Authentic, Secure And Stylish

Almost everyone at some time or another has had wooden doors on their home. They could be interior doors or exterior doors. They may have been elaborate confections of carvings and curlicues. They could also have been plain and basic structures.

Basic Types of Wooden Doors
Essentially, when it comes to wooden doors, they are divided into two basic types. These are interior and exterior. The interior door is often created using specific construction methods producing a hollow core door. In general, it is simple, light and fairly inexpensive. While these wooden doors can potentially come in various styles, the trend for many apartments and newer residences has been for a basic, plain, flat surfaced door. This does not hold true for the majority of exterior wooden doors and some interior doors. While several may be a solid core wood door, the star of the style show is the solid wooden doors.

Solid Wooden Doors
While the core of a wooden door may be hollow or solid, an actual wooden door is 100% wood. It is easily identified by its weight alone. Solid wooden doors are heavy. They are also secure and can be extremely beautiful due to the patina and style of the wood. Advantages of such heavy doors include:

  • Security – Both in appearance and construction, these doors provide a solid barrier against the outside world. They also provide owners and visitors alike with the sense of safe being which adds to peace of mind
  • Soundproofing – These doors can act as excellent barrier to the sounds and commotion of cars and people passing by
  • Authenticity – Wooden doors provide the home with a sense of authenticity. Their look and feel give the house a genuine old-world charm
  • Elegance – The right door can provide your home with a sense of elegance and grace
  • Choice – Wooden doors come in many styles, colors and wood. You can combine oak with glass to impress guests with a heavy, Mansion or Victorian look.
  • Customization – Such doors are made for being customized. If you can afford the expense of a solid wooden door for your entranceway, then customize it to suit your home. Make it fit in with the architectural style or shake things up and use it as an accent.

Solid wooden doors rank high at creating a memorable first impression. They are beautiful, elegant and finely crafted. You have a wide selection of styles or can have one customized to suit your tastes and need. Whatever you decide upon, you will not regret your choice. Wooden doors offer you everything you could possible want in style, authenticity and security.

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