Custom Doors Transform Your Home into a Showcase

The entrance door to your home creates the curb appeal and the first impression your visitors experience when approaching your property. When the door is created of fine wood and beautifully etched glass that catches the light, they will be awed by the artistry of your choice. The entrance welcomes them and immediately puts them at ease when it has been thoughtfully planned and installed.


Individually Built Doors Convey Unique and Stylish Individualism


There are many options to consider when planning custom doors for your home. The variety of wood is the first. Alder and mahogany offer durability and beauty that will last for many years and keep their lustrous finish. You will want to consider the size opening, the thicknesses, how ornate or simple you want your door and entrance to be. Another factor will be glass—do you want glass in the main door, in the sidelights, or transom? Glass is available in many textures and patterns for doors. Some has UV coating to protect from bright sunlight. Other considerations include the shape of the door—styles vary including rectangular doors, arched doors, double doors, and round-top doors. There are even very unusual materials such as copper doors for an extremely personalized and individual look.


Designing Custom Doors


When you are choosing a company to make a custom door for your home, ask to see what they have done in the past. If they have testimonials from past customers, listen to what they have to say about the service and the workmanship. A custom door was once a dream and design in their head—did the company capture what the customer had in mind? Most past clients will be glad to let you know about the experience. Choose a company that shows evidence of integrity, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and those that are looking for repeat business by treating the client right the first time around. Ask questions pertaining to expected time and cost of the project. These are all legitimate concerns that should be addressed up front.


Planning Stages of a Custom Door


After sitting down with the company’s representative and viewing different designs of custom doors and materials, you will probably be ready to begin the planning stages of your new custom door. Often times the company will have you fill out a preliminary design form, showing your expectations in materials, size, features, hardware, et cetera. Make sure that you understand exactly what they are requesting so that everyone is on the same page. Perfect planning beforehand will help assuage problems down the road. It will be your dream entrance, so make sure you make your wishes known.


To Completion of that Beautiful Entrance


When discussion is completed and everyone is comfortable, sit back and let the experts complete your project. You will soon be the proud owner of a custom door that will give you many years of satisfaction.


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