Why Custom Interior Doors Are a Good Investment

Look around your home. Are the doors inside still doing their jobs? Doors are about so much more than providing privacy. They work to protect your home, control its climate, and look good while doing it. Here are a few specific reasons why custom interior doors are a good investment.

They Make a Statement

You get exactly what you ask for when you order custom-made solid wood interior doors. Doors the manufacturer made while working with you to accommodate your tastes and home’s aesthetic. Choose the construction, wood, color, finish, and more to find the right look.

Hot and Cold

Doors play a large part in keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They trap conditioned air in the room when closed, not allowing it to seep out to other parts of the house. New doors have firmer seals between the door and frame, preventing drafts. And, of course, you can easily open them to allow air to circulate from room to room. You’ll see the difference in your electricity and gas bills every month.

Safety First

In the event of a fire, doors serve as safety barriers between rooms. Shut doors prevent oxygen from spilling out and feeding fires, causing backdrafts and similar hazards. Interior doors with locks also add another layer of security, protecting your family and possessions in the event of a break-in.

Boost Your Home’s Value

Standard stock issue doors are boring, but manufacturers build custom-made doors to impress. Buyers will be impressed by the look and functionality of your home’s custom-made interior doors if you eventually decide to sell your home. Solid wood looks much better than plywood and has a charm that will entice buyers to purchase the place.

Built to Last

Here’s one more reason why custom interior doors are a good investment, they’re long-lasting. A serious craftsperson designs and builds a custom-made door to stand the test of time. You can depend on your custom-made interior door to resist damage, stay securely mounted to the frame, and open and close without issues for years to come.

Perfect Sizes and Shapes

Naturally, the keyword in custom interior doors is custom. Manufacturers can even accommodate older homes with nonstandard sizes and create perfectly measured doors that they crafted to fit the most unusual shapes.

Want to learn more about custom-made solid wood doors? Contact Nick’s Building Supply, Inc. for a consultation. We’ll design and create the right door for you and your house.