Should All the Doors in a Home Be Hurricane-Rated?

When it’s hurricane season—in fact, before hurricane season—you need to be sure your home can handle whatever a tropical storm can dish out. Part of that preparation involves finding the right doors that keep the pounding rain, battering winds, and occasional projectiles out while keeping you safe and sound indoors. Many folks ensure their front and back doors are hurricane-rated and leave it at that. If you’ve wondered, “Should all the doors in my home be hurricane-rated?” the answer is yes. Here are a few reasons why.

Face Front (and Back)

Let’s begin by addressing the obvious: your front door is a point of entry. Not just for guests but also for everything nature can throw at your house. No matter which direction it faces, your front door is a weak point if it’s not impact-resistant and fitted with a hurricane-rated frame and hinges. Otherwise, hurricane winds and rain can tear through the door, causing a tremendous amount of damage and even collapsing your home. A house with hurricane-rated front and back solid wood exterior doors and windows has a better chance of weathering a storm than one without.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Hopefully, a hurricane will never reach your doors and windows. If it does, your family and home will be protected by strong and stalwart doors. Closed doors can prevent hurricane winds from blowing through your home. Imagine hurricane-rated doors adding their strength to the equation!

Other Benefits

Your home’s doors work hard in so many ways. They provide insulation that keeps hot or cool air inside during winter and summer, respectively. This cuts down on your energy bills and maintains your comfort levels indoors. Hurricane-rated doors also soundproof your home, muffling sounds from outside. Finally, hurricanes aren’t the only things that can invade your home. Hurricane-rated doors also provide a greater level of security against intruders.

Greater Value

Let’s focus on the bottom line. Your home may not always be your home. When you intend to move, retire, or otherwise put down roots elsewhere, you’ll need to sell the place. A home with hurricane-resistant doors in every room will have a higher resale value than one without. Safety doesn’t have to be ugly! Many hurricane-resistant doors look great and add charm to your home that appeals to homebuyers.

The next time you wonder if all the doors in your home should be hurricane-rated, you’ll know the answer is yes!