How Multipoint Locking Systems Increase Home Security

A basic doorknob lock is fairly secure, but when push comes to shove, you should consider a multipoint locking system. When it comes to strength, security, ease of use, and looks, a multipoint locking system checks all the boxes. Here’s how multipoint locking systems increase home security and provide a bunch of other benefits!


That’s what it’s all about, right? If you want a reliable locking system that keeps the intruders out, go with multipoint locking door hardware. It secures the door at three points or more. Compare that to an easily forced-open single-point latch. More points of security mean more locks for a thief to pick, wasting time they don’t have to get in, get out, and get away.

Longer Door Life

Multipoint locks can help your door last a long time. They hold the door in place and evenly distribute the door’s weight while the door is shut, removing some of the strain on the hinges. A secure multipoint lock also helps the door resist break-ins and regular wear and tear, leading to a long-lasting door.

Insurance Savings

Check with your insurer to determine if a change in your security—a multipoint locking system—might give you a break on your monthly payments. A multipoint lock promises fewer break-ins, reduced vandalism, greater fire safety, and few to no damage claims!

Energy Savings Too!

A closed door saves energy by keeping conditioned air indoors. A multipoint locking system provides a firmer seal, doing an even better job of keeping the “good” hot or cool air indoors. It prevents drafts as well!

Perfect for Larger Doors

Do you have a large front or back door? Multipoint locks are best for large solid wood doors with extra “real estate.” Instead of a puny single lock, you have a series of locks ensuring all the benefits we mentioned so far.

Aesthetic Appeal

We addressed how multipoint locking systems increase home security and provide several other benefits, but don’t forget that they come in a variety of styles, from utilitarian models to beautiful, ornate versions. No matter what they look like, they provide terrific security. Consider installing one today!