5 Key Features To Look for in Hurricane-Rated Exterior Doors

If you have a home in a hurricane-prone area, there are (or there should be) codes in place dictating the installation of hurricane-proof doors on every residence. Hurricane-proof doors are just what they sound like. They’re doors that can resist most of what a hurricane can largely dish out. During a storm, a hurricane can generate terrifyingly high-speed winds of 75 miles per hour or more. The battering force of the winds is bad enough, but what’s worse is that those winds can turn everyday objects into deadly projectiles. In the aftermath of every major hurricane, we inevitably see images of branches, lumber, and even straw stuck in the bark of trees.

With all that in mind, know that a good hurricane-rated door could be the only thing standing between you and a serious injury or even death. Fortunately, Nick’s Building Supply offers a tremendous selection of hurricane-rated and impact-resistant doors that can protect you and your loved ones. Take a look at our site, and as you shop, remember these five key features to look for in hurricane-rated exterior doors. It could make a big difference when a hurricane touches down in your area.

DP Rating

Hurricane ratings are simple to understand. A Design Pressure (DP) rating indicates the amount of pressure a door can endure before it busts. During testing, manufacturers expose the door concept to increasing levels of water, wind, and force, replicating hurricane conditions. The DP rating indicates the point at which it begins to leak or break. They measure these ratings in increments of five, with measurements ranging from 20 to 60. For instance, a door with a DP rating of 50 can resist wind speeds of 200 miles per hour. It also remains sealed off against the damaging effects of rain. The higher the rating, the tougher the door. Keep that in mind and consider the intensity of hurricanes in your area when selecting a door. At Nick’s Building Supply, we specialize in hurricane-rated doors. Contact us—we can discuss the right door with the right DP rating for your home or office and the region where you live.

The Frame

Every masterpiece deserves a perfect frame. Your hurricane exterior doors are only as strong as the frames that surround them. When you search for a wooden door, inquire about the quality of suitable doorframes. The frame and accompanying hardware should be part of the package, but ensure the frame is up to the same level of protection offered by the door. All hurricane-rated frames should possess reinforced hinges that deal with the changing seasons as well as inclement weather. We at Nick’s Building Supply ensure the measurements of all our wooden doors meet codes and account for fluctuations in hot and cold temperatures.

Get a Warranty

It should go without saying that you should only deal with a respected door manufacturer. Ordering a hurricane-rated door online, sight-unseen, is not worth the risk when hurricane season rolls around. Read reviews, seek recommendations, and, above all, get a warranty. A respectable door maker will back their product with a guarantee. Some will offer lifetime guarantees, while others only cover certain aspects of the door and its installation for several years. Expect a warranty, but be sure to read the fine print and look for what’s missing. You don’t want to be surprised about what’s not covered before the weather turns foul or, worse, after.

Lock It Down

Locks do more than protect your possessions from thieves. They’re a big part of securing the door against the elements. Locks hold a door in place, relieving pressure on the hinges and frame and ensuring the door’s overall longevity. Locks also offer a strong line of defense against the hurricane’s winds, rains, and projectiles. During a hurricane, a multi-point locking system adds greater strength to a door compared to a single doorknob lock. Find the balance between your budget, your security needs, and the intensity and frequency of the storms (and not just hurricanes) that hit your area. That will help you pick the best lock for the job. We offer a variety of different lock brands and styles. Call us for a quote or if you have any questions about the best lock for your door and property.

The Right Look

Safety and security are vital features, but you don’t have to compromise on beauty for the sake of functionality. It’s possible to find a gorgeous solid wood door that’s tough enough to handle whatever Mother Nature dishes out. Protect your home without sacrificing curb appeal. Pick a door that complements and even enhances your home’s exterior. Choose the right color or go with the classic allure of finished or unfinished wood with a solid wood door with or without impact-resistant glass. We can accommodate almost any request when it comes to custom-building a door to match your décor. Contact us with photos of your home’s exterior, and we can suggest the best possible design without sacrificing safety. We can create a door that fights the elements and looks good doing it.

Where We Come In…

Those are five key features to look for in hurricane-rated exterior doors. If you have further questions about hurricane-rated doors or solid wood doors in general, please contact us today. We’ve been in the door business for over 30 years, so we know our stuff. Nick’s Building Supply only builds, sells, and ships beautiful solid wood doors and specializes in hurricane exterior doors. We provide quality doors, offer professional service, and do it all for far less than many importers or “boiler room” dealers out there. We’ll work with anyone, from homeowners, builders, and resellers to developers and contractors. We’re also ready to handle custom jobs. Have an unusual size or shape to fill? We’ll quote a price for the custom fits. What’s more, we can ship almost anywhere. If you’re in the area, visit our warehouse at 11100 Broadway, Crown Point, Indiana, but please call ahead to confirm your visit.

Contact Nick’s Building Supply by phone (2I9) 663-2279 or email at nbsdoors@gmail.com. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

5 Key Features To Look for in Hurricane-Rated Exterior Doors