3 Reasons Custom Door Finishes Are Worth the Money

Custom-made solid wood doors are amazing. They look good, protect your home, and bolster your property’s value. Such great doors deserve great finishes. However, the finish does more than make your door prettier. Here’s an outline of three reasons custom door finishes are worth the money. Learn why finishing or refinishing your solid wood door is the best choice.

The Thin Brown Line

Finishes provide a layer of protection for your door. Sunlight, precipitation, temperature changes, and other environmental factors are wooden doors’ natural enemies. Sunlight can sap the color from the wood and even make it expand and contract until it cracks.

A layer of varnish or stain provides one layer of protection against the elements. Paint has some protective qualities, but it covers up wood’s natural beauty. Stain and varnish, however, enhance rather than alter a door’s appearance. You could try to stain and varnish the door yourself, but if you trust an expert like Nick’s Building Supply, Inc., they’ll get the job done right.

Just Swell

Water, in all its forms, makes wood expand and eventually crack. A layer of protection can prevent water from seeping into the grain and destroying the door from within. This goes beyond protecting the door’s appearance. An expanding door is more apt to become stuck in the doorframe, which can damage the door, doorframe, or hardware as you attempt to open and close the door. In general, finishing a door keeps water out and extends the door’s lifetime.

Increasing Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to how attractive your home looks from the street. Houses with good curb appeal are well-kept and appear inviting, regardless of whether you’re selling or not. A finished door is an important and beauteous element of any home. Its central location draws the eye, so make sure the eye finds a door with a healthy glow and impressive grain. A professional exterior wood door finish resists dirt and makes it easier to keep the door clean, adding pizzazz to your home.

Now you know three reasons custom door finishes are worth the money! If you have questions about wooden doors and custom finishing, contact Nick Building Supply, Inc. We’re eager to hear you and help you find the best door for your home!