When Did Overhead Garage Doors Become a Thing?

Cars have been part of the American lifestyle since the early 1900s. As a result, the popularization of various vehicles continued to grow, and the need to store those vehicles increased. If you ever wondered when garage doors became a thing, it’s a good idea to take a step back and assess the factors that led to the overhead garage door that people know today.

What Came Before

Originally, cars were not as widespread as they are today. Horse carriages were the best means of travel. As cars came to the public, more people decided to transform their carriage sheds into vehicle storage areas. Parking garages, which also stored animals alongside vehicles, were widespread.

Issues That Arose

Unfortunately, as more bills passed and cars became more readily available and affordable, the need for more personal storage units for vehicles arose. People did not enjoy their cars smelling like manure, and as more came into production, homeowners began needing them for themselves. With everything in mind, the refurbished carriage sheds and parking garages were not enough to remain sustainable.

When Was It Introduced

At first, garages typically used swinging doors. However, in the early 1920s, the overhead garage door was introduced, with the electric garage door opener coming a few years later. These doors allowed for much better ease of use for those who struggled with the garage’s weight but still wanted the luxury of its functions. As it was further implemented into more homes, solid wood garage doors that opened overhead on their own eventually became the norm.

It isn’t easy to imagine how life was without the amenities people have today in their homes. Hopefully, understanding when garage doors became a thing helps garner some appreciation for the amenities of a home that you don’t often think about. Overhead garage doors continue to find use in new homes in the United States.