Everything You Need To Know About Teakwood Doors

Wooden doors are beautiful in that they all come from living trees. From the axe to your doorway, wood doors are reminders of the natural benefits that the environment continues to provide, allowing us to create beautiful homes. Hopefully, learning about teakwood doors will make the decision-making process easier for you.

Aesthetic Appeal

Teak is among the more well-renowned wood types in terms of aesthetic. It’s a gorgeous wood with a straight grain, and the shades of dark maroon dance with the fibers and knots within. As an exotic, high-quality wood, teakwood is naturally elegant, with a history of decorating homes in Asia. For people looking for a wood that makes a statement through sheer appearance alone, teak is one of the best options.


Teakwood comes in three grades, ranging from A (the highest grade) to C, the lowest grade C. Grade-A teakwood comes from trees that are 30 or more years old. The older the tree is, the more robust its quality. On the other hand, Grade-B teak is still beautiful, but it’s prone to having more knots in its pattern. Despite this, it remains a beautiful wood to use for doors. Grade-C teak is less resistant to natural elements, lacking the maturation time necessary for providing a more reliable material.


The robustness and density of this wood provide solid strength. Teak is a naturally weather-resistant wood; grade-A and grade-B teak have a large amount of natural oil that allows the wood to resist harsh rainwater and heat. Temperatures that would typically warp or crack lower-quality woods have little effect on teak, making it a long-lasting door material. Teak is also resistant to rot and termites, which would seek to harm it as a means of sustenance.

When you’re considering using teakwood doors in your home, these suggestions will hopefully bolster your confidence in that choice. The main thing you need to know about teakwood doors is that the quality of the material shines. If you’re looking for lustrous beauty and elegant design, teak is among the best choices to consider for your home.